Pocket Gamer: Magnetic Joe 2 Review

Pocket Gamer writes:

"When you're as charming, witty and good looking as myself, you tend to find that you turn into something of a people magnet. It doesn't matter what I do, whether I'm out in my glad rags or if I've not washed for a month, people of all shapes and creeds are just drawn to me as soon as I leave the house.

It's a burden.

Believe it or not, this isn't an affliction that affects only me. Our friend Magnetic Joe is in the same boat. Yes, his name isn't some kind of freakish coincidence - Joe is a ball-bearing with a powerful attraction to magnets mounted in the middle of walls, with his main talents seemingly being smiling a lot and electrifying himself, sending him flying in whatever direction the magnet happens to favour."

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