Pachter: Xbox 360 Will Add 400,000 New Netflix Subscribers By Q1 2009


"The Netflix integration, to me, has been one of the most important features of the New Xbox Experience. Once the partnership was announced, I instantly grabbed a Netflix account in anticipation of being able to stream their content on my HDTV. But how important has the partnership been for Netflix? Huge, according to Wedbush Morgan analyst Michael Pachter."

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Bl00dVayn33487d ago

This to me has been a great partnership, and I am sure Netflix has got to be loving the new accounts they have added. I had never thought of using Netflix until they started this partnership with MS. Now I can always find a good movie to watch or for my kids to watch. I don't think I could go without this service now after using it....

dannyhinote_133487d ago

Especially after they got the LOTR Trilogy on Netflix.!

DBoy3487d ago

Too bad there's no Netflix in Canada. Damn Microsoft.