Eurogamer: Earthrise Interview

Eurogamer writes:

"Bulgarian developer Masthead Studios considers its PC MMO Earthrise to be different. The sci-fi setting is not space-based but rather post-apocalyptic, and there are no levels or pre-determined classes, but a free-form skill system. Quests and story have also been pushed to one side; more than half of the world will be given over to open player-versus-player combat and fierce, strategic wars for territory and resources. Being different makes all the difference - at least, that's what Masthead chief Atanas Atanasov told us when we sat down for a chat with him recently.

But we've heard this all before, and we've seen braggers like Tabula Rasa open and close in the blink of an eye. Can a newly-formed Bulgarian developer with no track record really hope to launch a subscription-based MMO and stand a chance against the Blizzards, CCPs, Turbines, Funcoms, NetDevils, and BioWares of the world? Atanasov believes he can when Earthrise (hopefully) launches later this year."

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