The Fate of Too Human Sequel Hangs in the Balance

Last week, Microsoft was forced to announce major job cuts, many of which will affect the PC gaming division. Faced with deteriorating global demand for its products, the company is being forced to trim the fat and drop any project that is not conceivably profitable in the near term. This does not bode well for developers who depend upon Microsoft to fund their projects on the Xbox 360. Unless a sequel is guaranteed to be a sure-fire hit, the purse strings are likely to be very tight at Microsoft, should Dyack and his team need additional funding.

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clinker3372d ago

There is little doubt in my mind that the sequel is pretty much toast. Whish is a shame, really, but there are better games that deserve sequels.

Zeevious3372d ago

and anticipated a sequel about as much as looking forward to
Haze II : The Elvis Chronicles.

Though I'd consider canceling it an improvement...all the Too Human fans will be very disappointed.

It was supposed to be a Trilogy, so this is really bad news for the fans.

I hope the economic cutbacks don't affect too many other games.

Even if it's a game I didn't like, dropping parts 2 & 3 of a Trilogy is damn frustrating for the gamers who do.