Halo Wars DLC a maybe, says Microsoft

Electricpig: Halo Wars isn't even out yet, but we've heard from the man in charge that the studio behind it is looking into adding extra downloadable content (DLC) through Xbox Live!

We spoke to the game's lead producer, Jason Pace, at a sneak peek of the game for UK journos, where he let slip that "additional downloadable content is something we're looking in to."

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JhawkFootball063434d ago

Wow I hate how they talk about DLC almost 2 months away from its release. Kinda makes you think they purposely take some of the maps out of the game to put it to DLC later.

slak3434d ago

Yeah now that i think about It Damm you Microsoft

jav09183433d ago

is getting closed how are they going to make dlc for it... its like jhawk said...I think they purposely leave stuff out...