Loot Ninja Podcast - January 27th Edition

Loot Ninja writes:

"Join us this week as our one armed bandits discuss what they're all currently playing, Fallout 3 on PS3 is not getting an end game expansion, Microsoft being hit with major layoffs, and buying video games on eBay from China. Some discussions of breaking up with someone via email, TV shows going downhill, and getting babies in the mail get thrown in and hilarity ensues."

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fiercescuba3434d ago

Buying video games from China on eBay = Epic Fail

drunkpandas3434d ago

Yeah that didn't work out too well.

dubbalubagis3434d ago

Something bad always has to take place before people learn their lesson. It's human nature. Never buy from China.

iiprotocolii3434d ago

Like a PSP battery I bought last year. The thing held like a two hour charge and then died completely after like a month. In the event I could afford a trip to China, I will go over there and avenge my PSP battery.

drunkpandas3434d ago

Haha. Yeah, I'm not buying anything off eBay from China anymore.

iiprotocolii3434d ago

Not saying that I never buy from there, but sometimes you just get your consciousness telling you not to do it. As is something wrong might happen. I remember two years ago some douche kid bought a PS3 off an auction on eBay and was sent like $250k by mistake. Why can't I get that lucky? Jeez.

drunkpandas3434d ago

Getting babies off ebay. Nice.