The Gamers Den: Podcast #1- Bethesda shafts ps3 owners!

The Gamers Den podcast #1

January 27, 2009 by spennyt

The Gamers Den podcast #1 click the link below to listen.

This episode we discuss: Halo wars, Movies based on games, Bethesda shafting ps3 owners, developer of the year 2008, psp 2 and more.

Click the link for the podcast.

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MURKERR3400d ago (Edited 3400d ago )

firstly early reviews of fallout 3 DLC hasnt been favourable (eurogamer 5/10)

secondly DLC can NEVER REPLACE FULL GAMES for me,DLC CAN be good at times but when alls said and done its just an add-on nothing special not a new ip its just additional content....