Fallout 3 Reflections

Loot Ninja writes:

"Recently I have spent an inordinate amount of time in the shoes of the Lone Wanderer, scouring the Capital Wasteland in search of something. What is that something? I had no idea. All I can tell you is I ditched the storyline at several points and let myself be distracted by the side quests and exploration. An easy thing to do in a world that large, very easy. I can't really tell you what I was looking for but I can tell you what I found."

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fiercescuba3311d ago

I just hope the DLC keeps coming and they keep the Level Cap on the move. This is a game you play for years, not months.

drunkpandas3311d ago

Yeah I think they need to get that level cap moving up sooner than March. Maybe they can work it into the next DLC instead of Broken Steel. Same thing with the end-game cap.

slak3311d ago

This game was awesome can't wait for the DLC

Nevers3311d ago

I've been distracted.... so sue me...

Anyway... I started a lil while ago and wasn't impressed. I got outta the vault and into Megaton and was like... meh. So I shelved it till I put it in last night ... Why the devs even made it possible to emerge from the vault into night I will never know... but once daylight hit, it was a whole new game.

I fell in <3 with it !!! I stayed up til 6am playing... I'm hurtin' now.

drunkpandas3311d ago

I'm like you, just started the game recently. I waited because I knew I'd get engrossed quickly and there was too much going on the end of 2008 to really get into the game.

greyishfox3310d ago

This is the only AAA title I purchased this holiday season, I was just too busy to look at the others, but I'm very happy with my choice. The game has a lot of depth into character and plenty of side stories to keep the player engaged. And I think this may have more moral choices than Fable 2.