Rumor Killers: PSP2, Next Blizz MMO, and God of War 3

This time Rumor Killers examines the PSP2 rumor, as well as the possibility of God of War 3 releasing in 2009. Plus, is Blizzard prepping to fully announce their latest MMO?

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Viewtiful3492d ago

If Sony insists on getting themselves back into the handheld market with PSP2 then I hope they at least learned a few lessons from the failure of the first. (e.g. a handheld game is a different type of game all together. You can't just make crappy, dumbed down versions of console games. There's a difference.)

MasFlowKiller3492d ago

40million PSP is a good number

Viewtiful3492d ago

heh. We all know that at least 25 million of those are Japanese PSPs that were bought due to their completely illogical fixation on Monster Hunter.

The rest are people who bought it, and have only pulled it out since for Crisis Core and Chains of Olympus.

FrankenLife3492d ago

I really dig my PSP. I play it more than my DS. Though you are right that a portable game is different type of game than on a console. You have be able to pick it up and go at random short intervals. I still really dig it.

I would bet that GoW3 is coming this year. It has been in development since the launch of the 2nd. So come release that would be about a 3 year development cycle. That is more than enough for a hack and slash game.

Viewtiful3492d ago

True, but they're also developing the first in the series on PS3, which means they have little experience with this machine, and more importantly, they'll have to create a lot of their own engines. Which can take a very long time.

And if this came out in the early fall that would make the dev time a little more than two years. Which would be pretty quick if you have to make a new graphics engine too. I'm not saying they can't or they wont get it out that fast, but I think it's unlikely. It's one of their premier franchises so they'll give it the time it needs rather than rushing things.

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predator3492d ago

Man I would love God of War 3 this year.........

ThePimpOfSound3492d ago

Poppycock. I want to see a handheld that nixes all the fancy touch screen/accelerometer mumbo jumbo and basically resembles the gameboy.

Am I being sarcastic? I'm not sure, myself.

dragunrising3492d ago

So would I dude. Even still, I want the best God of War III possible. If it is the last game in the series they need to make it better than best. Everyone knows it will be awesome, just saying.

pav23233492d ago (Edited 3492d ago )

The only thing I ever get out of 'The Rumor Killers' is the fact that they start even more rumors. Rumors about rumors about rumors, and so on.

Viewtiful3492d ago

I'm not sure I understand your complaint. Rumor Killers is for people who like to read about, and discuss industry rumors. Why would it not include rumors, start rumors, and make predictions? That's kind of the point.

James Abels3492d ago

God of war 3! yay! anything Blizzard yay!

NeverforgetNES3492d ago

GOD OF WAR 3! THERE WILL ONLY BE CHAOS. yeah! can't wait.

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