GameDaily just flushed it's last bit of credibility

There's always been a debate between gamers and writers alike about what constitutes a "10/10 game." To some, a 10/10 game must be utterly perfect, with no flaws whatsoever; not a hair out of place. By this definition, there's no such thing as a 10/10 game. In fact, as GameDaily has helped me realize, there's no such thing as a perfect game: instead, a 10/10 score is in fact extremely flexible depending on how you apply it, and when you apply it especially. What sort of site goes back and changes a score because it's 'getting a bit old'?

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MURKERR3160d ago (Edited 3160d ago )

.. what site with an ounce of credibility would predict a score for a game they havnt played just because they dont like the system its on? professional journalism oh how i miss you

Relin3160d ago

At least you *can* miss it. I can't miss something I've never experienced...

NMC20073160d ago (Edited 3160d ago )

I have so many answers but I cannot decide which one to use.
LOL! They all have to do with this place.

This place does that every minute of every day, lets get on them too.

Oh, and professional game journalism died with Gamefan & Game Players Magazines, long long ago.

UnSelf3160d ago

i think ppl misunderstood the 10 for the longest time. it was never implied or employed to constitute or represent a game as perfect. what it constituted was a revolutionary game that exvcelled in every single catergory in which it was judged.

ultimolu3160d ago

They lost credibility when they did everything in their power to bash the PS3 to oblivion.

FailDaily. Yeah, that sounds right.

Montrealien3160d ago (Edited 3160d ago )

credibility in gaming journalism.

I would have a joke but it says it all. When 95% of (news) on a place like (News 4 Gamers) is opinion, what are you guys expecting?

sonarus3160d ago

I do agree that Gamedaily is crap but first off that article was written a long time ago. It was written with a light hearted tone in my opinion and i am surprised ppl are taking them seriously. Gamedaily isn't really a site to be be taken seriously. They don't get exclusive coverage on anything and when they get bored they just write some up some dumb list. 10 things i like in action games, 10 reasons why i hate the smell of farts their lists go on and on. In this case this is simply another one of their lists written because they had nothing better to write up.

They lost their credibility when they published review of MGS4 without getting past act 2

Polluted3160d ago (Edited 3160d ago )

@bubbles: I agree. It's like getting 100% on an essay in college or something. It doesn't mean your essay is the absolute best thing the professor has ever seen or ever will see. It just means you did an excellent job and whoever was marking you didn't see any valid reasons to take any points away.

Jeebus3160d ago

Bubble up and I must say that's one of the best comparisons I've heard.

Great comment!

On topic: I hate the double standards put in place by reviewers. When a mediocre game can score a 9/10 just because it wasn't followed by legions of fans and was better than expected and a game like say Gran Turismo, for instance would get 2 points deducted for not having...say a drag-race option and a retry option is one of the most frustrating things about reviewers these days.

^ hypothetical example based on real instances

mastiffchild3160d ago

@ Bubbles and everyone below. It matters not if we can see that the 10/10 is arbitrary or pertains to the merits rather than prefection of a game when other games lose points for things that the games with 10s also failed to implement-it's a nonsense(for argumants sake) that KZ2 gets a point lopped off for lack of co-op while Bioshock gets 10 despite zero MP being available in rapture(and I fail to see why it shouldn't/couldn't have been nor do I feel it would have lessened the briliant SP campaign.
The sooner we have three to four perso n teams on reviews with no "score" at the end the better. we al know who we trust now so why would the lack of a nymber 85/100 or 9.5/10 make us lose any sleep. The awarding of end of review points is also very open to interpretation of bias(real or otherwise) so lets just have some facts about how the game plays and some informed opinion about wheter it all ahngs together and lets stop "pissing contest" sites like Meta from existing, though when they make up scores for reviews lacking them anyway who knows what would ever rid us of Meta critic.
As for GD I wonder f they'd not played a Nintendo or PS exclusive(as B'shock was for 360 at that time)through whether that would have got such glowing tribute?
Games "journalism" is a misnomer(I trust the single plat mags more than the bigger sites these days(honestly I feel PSM3 or OXM give a better/fairer review to the rival systems big hitters than many of the multi-platform press(except IGN for me -who do really try to be more objective.

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dukadork23160d ago

the gaming site that awarded the 360 with "best console of all time"
what do you mean "credibility"?? lol

meepmoopmeep3160d ago

i never liked the whole 10/10 deal.
but everyone and their dog hopped in the bandwagon
and now it seems the norm.

oh well.

Halochampian3160d ago

I have never agreed with giving perfect scores.

thor3160d ago


If you must, think of a 10/10 as a 9.6/10 rounded up. Or a 9.95/10 rounded up.

But I don't think about it like that.

No game is perfect, so if you're saying that 10/10 is a perfect score, you're effectively rating every game on a 0-9 scale, and then it would be out of 9, so 9/9 would be perfect, etc. etc. A 10 simply means that it's a fantastic game. It's subjective, but if you see a game get a 10, it's obvious that the reviewer loved it.

Furthermore, "review score inflation" means that at the moment, anything less than an 8 is a flop. If you actually look at the average review scores for some "flops," they are around 7/10. Which should be above average - a good game. So if you're grading out of 10, with no decimal point, if you get a good game to review you have a choice out of 8/10, 9/10 and 10/10. By saying that 10/10 is unattainable, there's no way for the reviewer to meaningfully discern between great games by the review score.

The reason you're saying people are "hopping on the bandwagon" is simply this notion of review score inflation. Games 10-15 years ago were given perfect scores; yet there are games out now that are 10x better than those. If a sequel is better than the previous game, you give it a better score. If 7 becomes your review average, you start giving 8s to above-average games rather than great ones. If you've given a 9/10 to a "good" game, then when MGS4 comes along you've no option but to give it 10/10, otherwise your score won't reflect your feelings (presuming you love the game).

meepmoopmeep3160d ago (Edited 3160d ago )

logically, 10/10 = 100%

100% technically means absolute, perfect, _______ insert more words from a thesaurus.

i like your explanation and they should rate the games like that, but below 10
regardless of inflation,

what's going to happen a few years later? 11/10?

thor3160d ago

No 100%, mathematically, would mean that. But that's a meaningless thing to say when it comes to opinions of games. So is, for that matter, 90%. What does it mean to say that a game is worth 90%?

If you view scoring systems from that point of view, they don't make sense. Here's a situation:

I like game A better than game B.
But I'd rather play game B than game C.
Technically, I think game C is better than game A.

Now that is a perfectly valid set of opinions in the real world. Translate it into mathematics, and you get:

A > B > C > A

Which doesn't make sense. Yet these "cyclic preferences" are rife everywhere you look. And that's just one example - here's another:

I try to think of flaws for game A, but there's nothing wrong with it AT ALL. It's near perfect! 99%.

Game B has a lot of flaws that I could mention, but it's really fun. 90%.

Game B is so much more fun than game A.

These, again, are a valid set of opinions, yet the maths doesn't add up. You can't translate opinions into maths. Something similar happens with "Arrow's paradox".

The way you should think of these scores is purely on a qualitative basis. IGN does this by putting a single word automatically next to their review score, such as "Exceptional" or "Decent".

It's wrong to say that 100%=perfect.

meepmoopmeep3160d ago (Edited 3160d ago )


it doesn't matter, no need to waste time explaining it.
i go by technical terms.

actually, you CAN translate an opinion into math
if you look at it logically and technically, there's no way to give anything a 100% score.

like i said, if you follow logic, every review must be under 100%
nothing man made, or God made, for that matter is 100% perfect.

i like to look at things logically and not skewed.

you see what i mean about the bandwagon thing?
someone decided to give a game a perfect score
hence inflating it and other reviewers followed suit.

thor3160d ago

No you're using funky logic.

You can't translate a review into a score without being subjective. There is simply no way of doing it.

100% means all. 100% means everything.

If I make a profit of $50 one year, and $100 the next, that's a 100% increase.

If I have a pie, and I eat half of it, I have 50% left. But even in this simple example, there is no way of defining what really is half a pie. Do we measure by weight? Volume? What about crumbs, do we count them? What constitutes pie? Only if we can agree these things will we have a valid "measure" of percentage of pie.

We can't do that for games. It's purely subjective. What one person might consider a fantastic game, another might hate. We can measure things like resolution, sound sample rate and such - technical things - but there is no measure on opinion.

meepmoopmeep3160d ago

math is not funky logic.

that just means the review system is skewed and follows no logic.

i'll leave it at that. you do the math.

i've conformed to this 10/10 deal.
not that i agree with it in a technical standpoint,
but what can you do when it's the norm now.

thor3160d ago

I don't know what you mean by "technically" and "mathematically" when you're presenting your opinion. Mathematics has no say on the matter. "Perfect" is just a word. We can use it to describe things. In maths, if you use the word perfect, you have to qualify what it means. I.e. in order to demonstrate to me that 100% means perfect, you have to define what perfect IS. (Defining perfect to be 100% would be tautologous) You then have to define what you mean by any other percentage. Is it possible to do that? No, for the reasons I've outlined above.

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Spike473160d ago

feels like they don't want to give games 10/10 anymore conveniently around the time killzone2 will release...hmmmmmmmm

thor3160d ago

Yeah the rules of apostrophe use seem to have been lost in the mists of time. :( I know them, but 99% of people don't.

Helghast Slayer3160d ago

The system is flawed people. I say down with delusional journos.

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