Five Features The PSP2 Absolutely Must Have In Comparison To It's Predecessor "Fuelled by this mornings rumour that the PSP2 will have a touch screen, we have been compelled to compile a list of the five features that the PSP2 absolutely must have. We're not talking specifications or functionality here, we're talking back to basics design choices."

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sinncross3401d ago

Better quality titles are something that any console should have. I think 2008 has shown what the PSP can bring in terms of software, with 2009 being arguably better. I think the PSP2 just needs this sort of quality quicker in it's life frame.

Well with more power developers can lessen load times but as many good devs have shown, long loading is more poor developing skills then the PSP's own video limitations.

2 analogue sticks are a def, and I'd go as far as to say even trying to include L2 and R2 buttons. Combine this with bluetooth tech over the questionable choice of infra red, and the PSP2 could even have a side use of being a controller for the PS3.
Then they could even add slight rumble, and basic sixaxis functionality. Harrison once said that the sixaxis tech was meant to be in the PSP but would have made it far too expensive at the time. I think it will be something Sony consider.

The latter two suggestions are good ones. Better battery and an improved screen. I think the PSP revisions are heading towards what the PSp2 could get, but trying to make the tech cheaper to make the PSP2 as cheap as possible. SO better battery life and screen improvements are must's.

Though the other usual stuff would be nice, like internal memory, but obviously depends on pricing. I know many want touch screen ability but I question how valuable it could be for Sony, and the expense it could bring. Though obviously I wudnt mind if the PSP2 could have it but stay cheap.

Foxgod3401d ago

The most important feature the psp2 needs are games.
The psp1 lacks that.

iceman28853401d ago

Is the biggest thing that I would want (maybe even if they just released a updated version of the psp1). It probably wouldn't be that big of a deal if the use of 2 analog sticks wasn't used for every shooter game for the past 5 years. But they have been, so when you go from playing a shooter with 2 analog sticks to 1 analog stick, one is like a fish out of water.

Venomish3401d ago

2 analog sticks and touch screen

DJ3401d ago

But all valid points. The only problem is that adding more buttons and sticks to the handheld may actually make things worse in terms of portability.

iceman28853401d ago

I don't know...I look at my psp and there is an awful lot of room for a second analog stick. I don't think they need to add anymore shoulder buttons though, that would be overkill b/c it would require them to make the psp thicker or make the shoulder buttons thinner, neither of which are good ideas.

ThatArtGuy3401d ago

You don't have to put the L2 and R2 right under the L1 and R1 buttons. Just put them midway down on the back where your fingers naturally rest anyway. Keep the L1 and R1 up on top where they are now.

LeShin3401d ago

Honest question: If twin analogue sticks are so important, why doesn't the DS or DSi even have one?

iceman28853401d ago

The two systems offer different types of games to play. How many action type/shooter games (like God of War or Socom) have you seen on the DS. Of course I only use my DS to play pokemon and some old re released RPGs, neither of which would ever need a 2nd analog stick.

get2sammyb3401d ago

Understand the point you're trying to make here but I've always felt like the PSP offers a different type of game to the DS.

However - the DS can totally pull off dual analogue if it wants, with the touch screen representing the second analogue stick. Works extremely well in Metroid.

I feel like the PSP offers a more "heavy" type of game - and in no sense do I mean this against the DS which I think is a fantastic system - just that the PSP and the type of games it offers could really benefit this system.

Could they have them so they clicked IN and then you could pop them out?

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