Killzone 2 impressions on GamingNexus

GamingNexus has posted their first impressions of Killzone 2. They are quite impressed with the graphics but also the new control scheme and the plot of the game. They think the game has raised the graphical bar and may be one of the early favorites for game of the year for 2009

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ronando3373d ago

I'm on the hunt for negative Killzone 2 news to help deflate the hype a little...The only problem is, I can't! Nothing!

bviperz3373d ago

Thursday? I too want to see negative points, not to deflate the hype, but so I can curb any disappointments prior to launch. Finding any worth being disappointed over is highly doubtful at this point.

callahan093373d ago

Maxim's review is worthless.

The only negative thing they had to say about the game is, and I quote: "it's not the best dancer." That's it! Not one iota of detail, not one single word about gameplay or hell, even the game itself.

Kleptic3373d ago (Edited 3373d ago )

well a good review is going to hit it for a lack of 'real' co-op...

this is my most anticipated game of the generation...40 hours in the beta, a demo coming in a little over a week...and I simply can't wait...

but even being that excited for it...any credible review has to hit it for a lack of co-op...while the competitive muliplayer is easily in a spot to become the best available right now...period...some will argue that the $60 title does lack some overall content when compared to halo 3 or Resistance 2...where cod 4 got away with this, I doubt killzone 2 will get the same treatment... has one small detail that could remove that 'co-op' the game does have a bare bones practice co-op mode...which could be called 'horde' without any of the increasing difficulty...

the bots that ship with killzone 2 effectively allow a 16 player co-op...where you and 15 friends can fight and practice against 16 AI controlled bots...its great for clans...allowing players to practice working with each other in all the game modes before any real fights occur...the bots can all have independant difficulty...allowing you to have 4 on hard, 10 medium, 1 easy, or something of that reflect a real online battle with other humans...the game supports full stat tracking for you and your team when playing against bots...but the rank system is deactivated iirc (you can't rank up by playing only bots)...unless there are humans playing on the other team (you can use bots to fill empty slots to fill the game out if you want)...

I kind of prefer this option over a 'real' co-op mode where you fight through the single player campaign or it all keeps you getting better and better at playing other people online...

so the game shouldn't get his for a lack of co-op as harshly as it would first seem...but I expect a lot of reviewers to miss this, as it doesn't jump out and say 'co-op mode' on the box or anything...

tack on the lack of splitscreen...and I am expecting a wave of 8's from lesser sites...while solid 9's from credible sources...but, even as much as I love the game so far, I would be very suprised to see a lot of 10s...

callahan093373d ago

I disagree, Kleptic. A game should be judged on the merits of what it has, not what it SHOULD have. Bioshock wasn't killed because it didn't have multiplayer and Killzone shouldn't be killed because it doesn't have co-op. Is the single-player campaign enjoyable? Is the multiplayer enjoyable and will it last for a long, long time? Then that's all that matters. It shouldn't be criticized for not including other things, it should only be criticized for including things done poorly, or praised for including things done well. Period.

CyberCam3373d ago

Great assessment... even though you don't need it, bubbles for you! Again great post and I hope the reviewers can look outside the box, as you have!

gololo3373d ago

kelptic, I like your response, so I agree mostly, but I think Co-op is a nice to have for every game, as it should not be required. It enhances the experience, but in no way it should take anything away from it if not implemented.

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Yomiro3373d ago

It is useless to resist killzone 2

olivia3373d ago

i just want to see this baby on my hd tv.if i was impressed with resistance2 can't wait to see what killzone2 will do to my eye's and brain.

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