MS 'Whoring' out the Halo Franchise?

Pezcorner blog believes that MS is "whoring" out the Halo Franchise by making it too commercial and damaging the reputation of the series. What do you think?

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marionz4311d ago

ive never even heard of the site so this really isnt news, fact is halo is huge, halo 3 is going to be massive! crackdown is kinda sh1t and over hyped! sorry guys but i never liked GTA, and any game like this spiderman saints row etc dont do anything for me, yes some will buy it for the halo 3 beta but thats their call, i would rather wait for the game to come out, im so excited about halo 3!

uxo224311d ago

Not to mention it's call pimpin' out nor whoring out..Guy must be from the burbs.

Hayabusa 1174310d ago

When did Crackdown come into this? You may not like free-roaming games, but there are quite a few people out there who do. I've been interested in Crackdown since I first saw it in a magazine (before the 360 launch) and having played the game, I have to say I love it. I think it's right up there with Gears of War and Oblivion. There's no harm in waiting, November isn't that far away now...then again, neither is spring...(chuckle)

DJ4311d ago

This just reminds me of music fans complaining when their fav. bands suddenly get popular. "They're making f*ckloads of money! Sellouts!!" Hehe, MS is taking good care of the Halo franchise. No worries. =P

THAMMER14311d ago

I hate when people do this type of crap. I think they are making the hype fun.

nicodemus4311d ago

Bungie, those sellouts!

First they get bought by Microsoft, then, they try to market their products! Who do they think they are! How dare they!

eques judicii4311d ago

in order to sell out... doesn't the IP have to be independent and small first?? so... i guess halo:CE was a small little underrecognized title that no one but the most hardcore fans ever played???

uh huuh... paint me unimpressed

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The story is too old to be commented.