StarCraft II Mapmaking Revealed continues their StarCraft 2 Alpha Guide, and looks closely at the mapmaking capabilities of StarCraft 2. They reflect on the development by Blizzard from the simple WarCraft 2 WarEdit, to the near limitless StarCraft 2 editor, and how the progression in features and ability has gone.

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syrinx3489d ago

Yeh, I am looking forward to map making in SC and to see what tools they put together.

kuangtu3489d ago

hehe~it should be more powerful than any other map editors available now. I would like to see what new elements Blizzard puts in the map editors for SC2.

Leord3489d ago

Well, obviously it's a LOT more powerful than WC3 editor, but it's also more designed with usability in mind. I think Blizz uses the same editor, actually!

SCFreelancer3489d ago

Same here. I am always interested in a new editor, but with all the ingame cinematics options and their high-detail character.. well that makes it even worse.. the wait that is :)

Recka3489d ago

Sounds good, look foward to the SCII map editor, will be many hours spent on it ^_^

player_729853488d ago

I'll be spending a load of time in the Editor once I find the free time to do so, that is xP

kuangtu3489d ago

nice article to translate, hehe...

=_=my free time is gone~

JonahNL3489d ago

If the editor is easy in use, I might try to make some maps of my own! It will all depend on the UI and the possibilities! =)

Terrice3488d ago

Me too. I don't have a look a lot of time these days but do have an idea or two for a map. :)

Here's hoping the editor is easy to use.

lothaer3489d ago

can wait to make some "fun" maps mwahahahaha.

Leord3489d ago

I'm interested to see if they can make those "FPS" maps like there is to WarCraft III without external scripts etc!

SCFreelancer3489d ago

@Leord: yea it would be nice if the editor would support that. Come to think of it, maybe they have put it in the SC2 campaign! Who knows. All I heard is that they planned to go all out on the campaign.

Leord3489d ago

Oh, wow, that WOULD be really cool!

Frickin hell, that would be awesome!

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The story is too old to be commented.