ARS: Resident Evil 5 co-op report: you need to find friends - Preview

ARS: Resident Evil 5 has made many game play changes from the past titles in the series, and the focus on co-op in particular has proven to be controversial. Ben and Frank take the demo for a spin to see if fans have anything to worry about.

The Resident Evil 5 demo has hit Xbox Live, a week before it goes live for the PlayStation 3. Fans are grumbling about the title's focus on co-op over single-player action, and the game has admittedly taken a turn from even the genre-defining reboot that was Resident Evil 4.

While we're on the subject: Microsoft, Capcom, go ahead and announce the bundle. Seriously.

Last night Frank and I tackled the demo in online co-op, and after a few deaths as we wrestled with the controls and sharing resources, we beat the levels and have come back to tell the tale. Our verdict? This is not a game to play alone.

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