You're Responsible For Making PS3's 'Flower' Hard

Patrick Klepek @ multiplayerblog.mtv: "Flower" isn't about winning or losing, living or dying; "Flower" is an experience, a type of interactive art, a different kind of fun that we're used to in games, but it also features trophies to unlock, which means the collect-a-thon aspect of "Flower' and other challenges are left for hardcore players to discover.

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meepmoopmeep3375d ago


i can't wait to get this game.

Fishy Fingers3375d ago

Me to, it'll be my night nurse after a lengthy KZ2 session. Loved Flow, always puts you in a "good place" and Flower should be a gorgeous visceral experience on a nice HDTV.

Nineball21123375d ago

From the description, it kinda seems similar to Linger in Shadows...

Mozilla893375d ago

But Flower is going to be more interactive since its not one huge cutscene like Linger In the Shadows.