GTAIV: The Lost and Damned Round-up

GTAHQ Reports: With the release of GTAIV: The Lost and Damned only a matter of weeks away, we have made this page to keep you all informed on what the latest is and what news has been posted in the past. We will provide you with any articles, images, news that gets posted about TLAD from today until it's release. Make sure you bookmark this page, because it will be your single source for everything TLAD!

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Speed-Racer3376d ago

Ahhh this is very cool update

IllusionRSN3376d ago

Thanks Flair, thought this would be a nice place for people to get all of the updates for The Lost and Damned in one spot.

Speed-Racer3375d ago

Are you covering Chinatown Wars stuff as well?

IllusionRSN3375d ago

Yes we cover all the news that relates to GTA!

Hercules3375d ago

it should be considered: Xobox 360, Gaming, GTA IV: Lost and Damned

IllusionRSN3375d ago

Yes I just noticed my mistake, that explains why I was unable to find The Lost and Damned. Sorry bout that.

IllusionRSN3375d ago

Thanks to Cat for fixing my mistake :)