PlayStation Enso: The PS5 in 2018 - concept pics and dream specs

The PlayStation Enso - a designer's view of what the PS5 might look like in 2018!...

If, like us, you have ever found yourself idly wondering what your PlayStation console might look like in the year 2018, then this latest concept art from designer Harold Smook is sure to tickle your gaming fancy.

Yanko published the pics you can see right here of Smook's Playstation Enso 2018, announcing that, "design-wise the console takes inspiration from the Japanese and Buddhist Zen elements, with the premise being based on the symbol called Enso (meaning the glow of enlightenment).

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Israfel3434d ago

I look forward to other designs. But this one is absolutely crap.

MasFlowKiller3434d ago

did they completely skip the ps4?

majorsuave3434d ago

"- USB 4 connection
- DVD Drive with terabyte capacity
- Backward compatibility with DVD and CD data
- SD memory slots for terabyte capacity memory disks"

This sound as futuristic as Johnny Mnemonic did in 1995.

<Insert flashback scene Family Guy style here>

My guess... someone finding this post in 2018 will laugh at the archaic specs.

Conan9973434d ago (Edited 3434d ago )

why would the controller turn into a useless ball?

How the hell is anyone supposed to use that thing.

PS9 is coming soon, PlayStation cocaine!

jammy_703433d ago

will have goggles that you put on and you see in a virtual world, its like your in the game thats what it will be and its gonna be amazing!!! but will come out in 2020

uie4rhig3433d ago

that ball is the WHOLE system.. it's all virtual reality (according to that commercial) i would be amazed if sony can do that with the PS9 if they're still around at that time.. tho i'd probs not be very amazed then depending on how the tech changes

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Super-Brad3434d ago

Try designing ps4 instead.
2018 won't deliver PS5.

zoydwheeler3434d ago

Tupperware was in the business of designing pie-in-the-sky future games consoles!

_Q_3434d ago

Pretty weak...I dont think the PS controller will ever change again. I could draw a better concept on a napkin.

Max Power3434d ago

that just looks awful. I mean why would he design it like that, and why would someone publish this concept like its a good idea?

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The story is too old to be commented.