Kingdom Hearts 358/2 Days screenshots

Some new screenshots of Kingdom Hearts 358/2 Days have been released.

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iCaruth3403d ago

Where is KH3 coming out on PS3?

TheColbertinator3403d ago

I dont think it is coming to PS3.Its most likely going on the Wii

Madgunner3403d ago

i dont think Nomura would make the next Kingdom hearts on a platform like a wii, not to sound bias but nomura loves ps3 and i think that if he wants to move the instalment foward he will pick the ps3

TheColbertinator3403d ago

Hahahahaha yeah just keep telling yourself that guys.KH3 will be exclusive to PS3 just like Final Fantasy XIII...oh I forgot.

It will be exclusive to PS3 like Dragon Quest 10...nevermind lol,my memory must be slipping me

Xandet3403d ago (Edited 3403d ago )

I remain a strong believer that Nomura and his KH team are using vs.XIII in part to gain experience with the PS3 to make KHIII the best it can be. The mobile-to-console pattern only shows more proof (not counting Final Mixes): KH (PS2) to KH:CoM (GBA) to KHII (PS2) to KH:358/2D (DS) & KH:BBS (PSP) to hopefully KHIII (PS3). I highly doubt he would allow the next big game in his baby franchise to be developed solely for the Wii. He is a graphics whore and wants to make his games blow people's minds. The only possible stipulation I can foresee is Squeenix forcing him to develop it multi-plat PS3 and 360, which I find stupid in itself. Xbox-only gamers have a track record of trashing the series with it's Disney characters, so even if it did go to to 360, most of it's gamers would remain uninterested. /2cents

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