PS3 is Proof - Bad things happen when Gaming is not the Focus

Ken Fisher over at has posted an editorial which slams Sony's strategy with regards to the PS3.

"If Sony thought of the PS3 as a gaming machine first and foremost, they would have never let this happen. When their vision for the PS3 became one of pushing Blu-ray rather than delivering the top-notch gaming experience they're known for, they went astray. Removing more gaming functionality isn't going to set them on the right path."

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DJ4309d ago

transition to software emulation way too early, I disagree that gaming is not the main focus of the PS3. HDMI is a visual enhancement for the system; it does not benefit one feature more than the other. If Blu-ray movies are the main focus of the system, as many journalists including this one proclaim, then why do we even have 300+ PS3 titles in development? Why has Sony included Sixaxis controllers with every console instead of a movie remote ?

It looks to me that many journalists are jumping the gun by taking a glance at the post-holiday game drought (which happens every year) and simply placing blame on an optional feature of the PS3. They have to place blame, otherwise there won't be any 'news' to report. =]

BTW, his complaint on game resolutions was aimed at the wrong group. Game developers determine native resolutions, not hardware manufacturers.

TheMART4309d ago

"Game developers determine native resolutions, not hardware manufacturers."

Wrong. MS demands that games are 720p native minimum resolution from 3rd party developers. So they do determine native resolutions. Sony on the other hand isn't demanding a specific resolution, so in theory they even could make 480p games for it.

testerg354309d ago

Why didn't Sony include a game instead of a movie (ie: Talladega Nights) if they were so focused on games?

Dareaver14309d ago

If blue ray was optional, every consumer wouldn't be forced to buy it. and let's not forget about the cell proccessor, sony has huge to make off of it when it is incorportated into everyday broadband electronics. It's not tailored mainly for games, sorry to break the news to you.

PureGamer4309d ago

like the rest of them jumping on the bandwagon, just like the people on here. I dont listen to them so you shouldent to :P

Bathyj4309d ago (Edited 4309d ago )

I'm also sick of people acting like because its got all these bonus features that its not a games machine. God, if it couldn't play DVD's or store music people would be complaining about that.

Is a games machine first. The rest is just gravy.

Its like people call UMD a failure. Why? I dont get it. It does what its supposed to do and thats play PSP games. It can play movies and thats a bonus but should UMD be deemed a failure because it hasn't overtaken DVD as our prime movie media. No, it was never intended for that.

BR isn't going to destroy DVD either. I think DVD will still be around for at least another 10 years but I still see BR enjoying success. Especially since most people will have HDTV's by then and release DVD doesn't quite cut it on those screens. But I think it will be a slow transition and DVD will be around for ages just like VHS is still around now.

And who the hells Ken Fisher?

GaMr-4309d ago (Edited 4309d ago )

Love the last statement too. I still scratching my head about that one. Alot of these articles surface now. Its not that they havent always been there. But people will dig them up and post them on and other websites because it gives them some sick re-assurance that the PS3 was going to stay down forever. Even though they were warned over and over and over again.

"Don't count sony out" but they did and its time for a large order of Foot in your how would most of you like that served. I say well done and a nice cup of STFU to wash it down. I see more positive PS3 articles than negative as of late. And most of the negative ones coming in are mostly spins. Like the whole backwards compatibilty being not such a big focus. Suddenly people can't live without backwards compatibilty. Funny thing is how its the Xbox loyalists making all the complaints. Meanwhile a few months back they were saying I dont want to pay $600 to play PS2 games. hmmmmm funny how that works.

Scrumptious4309d ago

UMD was Sony's efforts to make a "movie walkman". They were promising to release stand-alone movie players if the format took off. All the hip kids would have one to enjoy movies on the go. But UMD failed, most likely due to costing as much as a DVD and not as wide of a selection.

0LDSCH00L4309d ago

Its a cheap Blue Ray movie player.

dissectionalrr4308d ago

it's not a CHEAP anything. the damn thing costs $600. that's not cheap. it's an expensive blu-ray player. one that 90% of the population doesn't need or even want. i have an hdtv and even i don't want one. noone knows if it will be the next betamax yet. it's looking good for it, which is great, but it's not guaranteed. i'm not willing to bet $600 on it.

techie4309d ago

Haha this is funny. Wait to European launch. Every interview with mr harrision has said that this is the year of software. Gaming is to's going to have some great games. And the competition means they will want to improve even more on it. I bet the Killzone team are looking at Gears of War...and thinking hmmmmm...let's make this look even better.

LOL i find it funny all these people criticing Sony fans for saying 'just wait' hasn't even launched over here in we're waiting to get a hold of it and the games will be coming in March and keep on coming.

I'm sure 360 fans can see that you need to wait for the good games, as they did for Gears and others that are great this year. Accept that we have to wait for games and don't feel threatened. The 360 has an amazing games line up.

Ps3 is a cheap blu-ray player. HA. It's a freaking expensive gaming system...and that's its problem for now.