Sony Brings Forward the Date of the Seizure of Killzone 2

Meristation: "The press may publish online gaming analysis Killzone 2 from next Thursday January 29 in the afternoon. Sony and forward the publication date of the analysis of this unique game-awaited Playstation 3."

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Johnny Cullen3315d ago



shingo3315d ago

I hope this is a hint at bringing forward the release date of the game, but I can only wish :(

lalalala3315d ago

Hopefully Shingo, but i doubt it. Can't wait till Killzone 2 hits.

whoelse3315d ago

I was only just thinking that they should do this to maintain the current high momentum.

Kleptic3315d ago

I figured it could hold its own until like a week before it launches...and let the demo get more 'hands on' articles and stuff...

I mean GTAIV didn't have reviews allowed until like 5 days before it will be up literally 1 month before the game ships?...strange to me...

especially if it gets a wave of unjustified ridiculous nit-picker reviews that blast it for not redefining the genre or something...expect just as many of those 'average' reviews as it gets praise...I can't really see how any of this will help the all...

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Gobuz3315d ago

Holy Crap, Review Tsunami on Thursday!

shingo3315d ago



na2ru13315d ago

No seriously, the amount of b*tthurt fanboys out there is a force to be reckoned with and is powerful enough to jeperdise the games future.

rawd3315d ago

I need to remember to buy some adult diapers for when this game makes me sh1t my pants

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The story is too old to be commented.