Pocket-lint Review: LG X110 notebook

What isn't conducive to use on the move, however, is the battery life. In fact you'll only get about 2 hours and 15 minutes from the standard three-cell battery, which is poor performance by any measure. There isn't a low power mode either to save you from this problem, so you'll have to look for and buy a six-cell battery, or not stray very far from the mains.

But there is also another problem that might irritate mobile workers that comes back to the solid feeling build: the screen is too heavy. This might seem like a small point, but if you sit the X110 down on anything that isn't a flat desk, with the lid open, it wants to topple backwards. So if you have it on your lap on the train, you can't take your hand off it, because it will try to somersault backwards off your legs.

And that sort of defies the purpose of the netbook. It is tricky to use in truly mobile situations, and lacks the hardware to connect you to mobile internet without an additional dongle. Were you to do that, the battery life wouldn't give you anything either, so it fails in key areas.

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