The Escapist: Review - The Maw

As Xbox Live Arcade title The Maw begins, you are having a very bad day. First, you are dragged through a spaceship and tossed in a cell. A few minutes later, the ship blows up and you land amongst the wreckage on the planet below. The guys who locked you up in the first place are either particularly tenacious or just really don't like you, because they're still trying to catch you or at least shoot several holes in you. Could be worse, though. At least you've got your new pal The Maw with you.

Bottom Line: The Maw has a lot of good ideas that are bogged down with tedious repetition. If you can look past the grind, you'll enjoy yourself. If you can't, then it doesn't matter how cute the toothy little guy is.

Recommendation: Absolutely worth a shot, if only to hear The Maw's brainless little chuckle.

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