Sony's Slow-Motion PS3 Price Cuts

Alleyinsider: Is Sony (SNE) cutting the price of its PS3 in slow-motion?

Two weeks ago, Dell (DELL) offered the PS3 on its website for $340, including shipping, a substantial discount from the console's standard $400 price tag. Then the sale ended. Now it's back: Same terms as before, PS3 for $340.

Other PS3 price cut mini-moves: A PS3-Bravia bundle at Best Buy (BBY), and we hear reports Wal-Mart (WMT) is offering a $50 gift card with a PS3 purchase. (Can anyone confirm? We don't have Wal-Marts in New York City.)

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uie4rhig3405d ago

PlayStation Joystiq (new PS3/PSP fanboy website) that is selling the 80GB PS3 for $349.. so it might just well be right

OGharryjoysticks3405d ago

Have one of your buddies sell it at 50 bucks off and check back in a week to see what kind of impact it had. If it was enough you can leave the price cut at 50. If there isn't enough movement you might want to swallow the pride and go for a 100 when you get around to everybody.

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Apocwhen3405d ago

I never knew Dell sold PS3's. Is this just a US thing?