Sony's PS3 Firmware Update Crashing Systems

Sonys recent 2.60 firmware update for the PS3 added a new photo feature and some minor security updates, but some users are getting much more than that. Instead of fixing the console, the latest firmware update is actually destroying many users consoles and is a wide known issue.

Many people are experiencing a disc error where their console will no longer recognize discs. The issue has something to do with the firmware update "burning" out the lens. Others are having settings reset and random errors throughout the console including the photo feature crashing their system. Note that not everyone is having these issues, but it is best to probably hold off on updating until a fix is issued.


There has been an update to the original post:

We reported earlier that the version 2.60 update can cause problems with your PS3 and we are here to give helping hand. We are still awaiting another email from Sony on the issue but the problem is not as common anymore. Also remember we did state the problem is sporadic, meaning not everyone will witness the error. I have personally seen the firmware affect several consoles and had Sony tell me the issue has to deal with the update error. However after looking up more details and complaints about the problem we have come across this.

The first issue seems to be a corrupted download when a PS3 will not correctly download the update. Your best bet is to go here Follow the update instructions on the site and make sure you get 100 percent before transferring the file to your PS3. If your stuck updating with a PS3 console the only thing you can do is not disrupt the download, in other words do NOT cancel the update while the download is in process. The second issue is just the fact that technology has errors at times and this explains why Sony applies the “we are not liable for firmware damage” in the EULA. So with a bit of common sense, much of what I was lacking when I heard the news, your always at risk when updating your console. So if your PS3 is working your good to go, if its not you just don't have the luck I guess.

The problem is very sporadic throughout PS3 users but is not a huge problem anymore, so its safe to give these a try. Microsoft has had troubles with their updates and Sony has had their issues. When a radio station is talking about the issue maybe the problem is a little more wide spread than we think. If you update and get the error there is nothing you can really do, just going to have to tough it out.

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uie4rhig3461d ago

but if there are any errors, hopefully sony fixes them soon enough

yoghurt3461d ago

Fine for me too, launch console.

We ALWAYS get these articles after an update, a handful of people have issues and suddenly its the PS3's RROD

Nineball21123461d ago

I've had NO issues and the new photo feature is pretty cool.

Is ps3center known to post "fake" or biased news? I'm not being defensive, I'm just curious.

I saw where the news was coming from and I figured it might have some legitimacy. *shrugs* Dunno...

Anon19743461d ago

Installed the update. Haven't had any problems on my launch 60gb console.

JhawkFootball063461d ago (Edited 3461d ago )

I just love how he points out that its not like Microsoft's Hardware problems like 3 ring of death.. Looked kinda like an attack against Microsoft. I mean he could of just said there is no hardware problems or failures and that'd be fine.

AAACE53461d ago

It seems the closer I get to buying a Ps3, the more articles like this come out!

Anyway, I was wondering, does the Ps3 only connect to the internet through Wi-Fi, or can you use a wired connection? I have a wired modem and would prefer not to upgrade to Wi-Fi just yet.

TheFreak3461d ago (Edited 3461d ago )

No problems with my ps3.

PSN is down for maintenance at the moment. Anybody knows when it will be back on again?

tda-danny3461d ago

You can use either wired or wi-fi.

Nineball21123461d ago


Yeah, you can use wired or wireless. Whichever works best for you.

And don't let stuff like this dissuade you from getting a PS3. I have to say it's been (so far) one of the most reliable pieces of electronics I've had.

You won't be disappointed if you get one.

Lifendz3461d ago

but I have the original 60gb model that some guy wrote a blog about being more prone to the yellow light of death which affects like 2% of PS3 owners or something. ANyway, I have that and I was among the first to download the firmware that provided in-game xmb and was "bricking" systems. I also downloaded the most recent firmware.

My point is that I haven't had a problem thus far so I don't know if that makes me lucky or if I'm just in the vast majority of people that don't have issues with their PS3s.

The bottom line is all things electronic have a failure rate. And over the years, I've experienced some rather big ones with consoles. ANyone remember the tricks necessary to get the original NES to play games? Was I the only one that went through like 4 gamecubes before finally opting for an Xbox? Heck, even my beloved PS2 stopped playing DVDs altogether but, to be fair, that was after working like a charm for 6 plus years.

All these things are not above breaking on you. Bottom line is that PS3 is still far and away the better system in terms of reliability. Don't believe me? I often leave my PS3 on during the day. I know an Xbox 360 owner who freaks out if his console is left on for any period of time when it's not being used. Why? Probably because he's on his fourth one and about to be on his fifth.

Not saying these articles aren't true but I am saying that the problem with Sony is probably not as significant as some would like you to believe.

TheTwelve3461d ago

I saw this on PS3center, and unless this problem really materializes, I won't be visiting this site anymore. I mean, you have to be more responsible with journalism before posting tripe like this---if this truly turns out to be tripe.

If it turns out to be true, good for them.

But as it stands, I currently have no issues.


IdleLeeSiuLung3461d ago

I did experience two freezes after the update, but haven't used my PS3 much since the update. It was in a browser though trying to use Youtube and hulu.

This site doesn't point to a thread or another source, so I would say it is fake. How the hell does a firmware update burn out the lens? Does it turn it on at max for hours? Kind'a suprised negative PS3 news is coming from a site named ps3center.

Sev3461d ago

I would normally call BS immediately...

But I have had my video and audio setting reset twice now. I didn't even think about it being a firmware issue

Danja3461d ago

downloaded it and didn't experience not one prob , as a matter of fact im actually using my PS3 to surf the net right now..

Tru_Ray3461d ago

It froze once when I was playing around with the new photo application, and again when I booted up Mirror's Edge. However, I was playing Motorstorm 2 online for a couple of hours after that and I didn't have any issues...

Hopefully this issue is benign.

stevenhiggster3461d ago (Edited 3461d ago )

mine has frozen a couple of times since the update but I didn't think it had anything to do with the update. Mine was playing Mirrors Edge too and I googled that and it seems the problem is probably more to do with Mirrors Edge than the firmware as that game freezing up is pretty common. Still a great game though :-)

n4f3461d ago (Edited 3461d ago )

well I got no problem with it. it stuck at the blinking red light but I have no problem with it. simply not open.

SL1M DADDY3461d ago

And so after every PS3 Firmware Update, we get a few consoles that die (or at least are claimed to have died) and bingo - It's the next big RROD fiasco. Sorry, but I'm not biting on this one and will chalk it up to just another update that works for me and gives some fanboys good reason to make chit up.

andron6663461d ago

How can a firmware upgrade burn out the lens of the Blu-Ray player? Sounds fake...

The most likely source of error in a PS3 system is the Hdd. And in a worst case that breaks, you'll only have to replace it.

Since some PS3 games and apps save data to the Hdd, data corruption or faults with the Hdd can be the source of these freezes, not the firmware upgrade.

YoMeViet3461d ago

60GB here, works just fine like the day i got it

BrianC62343461d ago

How can it be a widespread problem? I don't have any problems myself and this article is the first I've heard of it. Wouldn't it be all over the Internet by now if it was that big of a problem?

FrankenLife3461d ago

If this was real, then we would be reading about it in multiple places. I haven found it on Sony's forums, and every problem that comes up show up there. Consumers are not afraid to speak their mind.

dantesparda3461d ago (Edited 3461d ago )

80GB Metal Gear Solid bundle one broke right after i did the update for her. Now it wont stay on for more than a few minutes before it just shuts itself down and then the red light just keeps blinking. And the blue light that comes on under the green light when its on doesnt come on anymore. I feel bad for her. But she doesnt seem to mind so much. But i also updated my boys MGS4 bundle PS3 also and that went fine. And my own (a 40GB one) also went fine. But i honestly think that her problem really stems from the fact that she had it in a enclosure and it overheated twice. I think those two occurrences almost killed it, then the firmware just knocked it out.

But yeah this article sounds bullsh!t to me too.

gaffyh3461d ago

No problems here either launch 60gb PAL.

Lombax3461d ago

My 60 gig PS3 has frozen 5 times since the 2.60 update. 4 times while in the web browser and once while playing the new Prince of Persia.

My PS3 never froze before.

prowiew3461d ago

Wait! What? Now ps3 websites are being accused of being biased against playstation on n4g. WOW.

xwabbit3461d ago

Mine updated fine and its acting still good.... for now....and for the future i hope 2!

phosphor1123461d ago

My ps3 has been working fine..I actually recently bought a bunch of awesome new games too =]. Super Stardust HD, flOw, and even the (awesome, yet very short "demoscene") Linger in Shadows.

yesah3460d ago

uhm im pretty sure most people that reads theese things updated already personally im experiencing no problem but if the new update causes hardware damage or faliure, well that sounds serious

PAPERCHASER03963460d ago

I have a 60gig I picked up 6months after launch paid a hefty price for it but well worth it only problem I've had is a few screen freezes during online play where a reboot is called for. A lot of the people that give these negative feedbacks don't own a ps3 and take satisfaction in it's failure because 1#.. Price(they can't afford one) or 2#... mommy or daddy won't by them one because of the price, GAMES are clearly not the issue anymore so they attack reliability

ajeben8093460d ago

and no it is not a "wide known" issue...why is today's journalism so bad?

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rebirthofcaos3461d ago

i have it and it work perfectly

Jazz41083461d ago

I have not updated mine yet, but I might be a few firmware upadates behind since I have not turned mine on in about 3 months.

Jazz41083461d ago

Not to dis the PS3, just been playing WOW.

Fishy Fingers3461d ago

"The issue has something to do with the firmware update "burning" out the lens"

How exactly have they determined that? Sounds far fetched to me. Either way, mine and everyone else that I know hasn't had a problem.

Super-Brad3461d ago

Exactly... the only problem I ever had with my PS3 was that it only showed the XMB wave no menu, i fixed it myself however by going onto the recovery menu and putting the firmware on a usb drive and re-installing it.
I love sony for that special menu.

Kleptic3461d ago

yeah...that seems like a reach...if anything, its most likely just the firmware having a corrupt driver for the BD drive...which can happen in any electronic...

its not like you load up a new firmware and it physically destroys components of the device...if it doesn't work...its usually software related...

and this is why Sony makes those little .0x updates that 'increase stability' or whatever... everyone else in this thread...have about 14 hours in since I updated...38 people on my list on daily with no problems apparently...and I haven't had one hiccup...knock on wood...

Stryfeno23461d ago

My update went flawless...This is FAKE.

blackbeld3461d ago

Agree... My updates works also fine... Maybe because i have the first version PS3???

ravinshield3461d ago

Quick Fony update 2.61 should be released to fix 2.60.

what a great software can't compete with Microsoft.
thats why your 3rd.ps3rd that is.

lociefer3461d ago


TheOutsider3461d ago

My works fine! Ravin I hope your house burns down! then you won't be talking sh!T! You bot -butt fuC#$!

GiantEnemyLobster3460d ago

You know you have a garbage console when even your patches need patches.

Axecution3460d ago

You know you have a garbage console when even your console cant be patched and needs to go through 3 different models in a spant of 3 years in order to even turn it on.

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Parapraxis3461d ago (Edited 3461d ago )

DRE and other errors have been on PS3 since it's release.
It happens to very few people, but it IS a real issue, mainly for 60GB PS3 owners.

Ignorant people will attribute peoples systems failing to whatever new game/patch/firmware is out at any given time.( When in actuality the problems have been occuring at a constant rate )

Some PS3's break.
They do so due to use.
No hardware is impervious to defects.

jwatt3461d ago

Well I have a 60 gig and I have had no problems.

no-spin3461d ago

what you so call a "real issue", is not. The internet facilitates that when ONE person, with one console, i mean, do you realize how insignificant one console is within 20 million plus being sold, anyway, the internet makes it easy for that one person to post an article, n4g flamebait and then all of the sudden is an "issue"
is so pathetic. the PS3 is as reliable as it gets. Its below 1% failure rate. the issue you say exist is just a grain of sand, pointless, non existent


Parapraxis3461d ago

Calling me an idiot?
Go to the OPEN ZONE.

Hardware problems are an issue kiddo, even if it's only effecting a select few.
I SAID "It happens to very few people" in my post FFS.
Stop being so childish.
There are 9,383 registered users on the forums.
Of those 267 users have had YLOD, and THAT is just one problem, there are others such as the newer 80010514 Error which is a Disk Read Error that has effected many users as well.

Oh and just so you know, I game almost solely on PS3.
Several people on N4G have called me a PS3/Sony fanboy, ironic now that actual PS3 fanboys like you are attacking me for being honest, reasonable and having knowledge of the hardware (good or bad).