Fallout 3 Operation: Anchorage

Eurogamer: "We all learn lessons in life. Three years ago, the lesson was that when you release highly anticipated downloadable content for your blockbuster RPG, it should never, never ever, be an Oblivion horse wrapped in foil. Bethesda has learned this lesson, and that's why Operation Anchorage is a holographic encounter detailing the Chinese occupation of Alaska. So good, so far. Now let's saunter off to Anchorage to blow the heads off oriental futuro-gentlemen in slow-motion and glorious technicolour."


"Operation Anchorage, then, through the simple fact that it is not as much fun as it the game it leeches upon, is not a resounding success."

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Grooski3488d ago

Indeed. Have we had any DLC from any game yet that has been worth it?

Chris3993488d ago (Edited 3488d ago )

It was:

- Riddled with bugs - freezing, save deletion, etc..
- Had performance issues (played the 360 version)
- Had about 10 enemy models
- Had variable graphic quality. Ugly textures here and there, not really a lot of artistic merit.

Just off the top of my head, to name a few things.

Last year seemed to be the: "Give 10s to EVERYTHING that has hype year." GTA and Fallout 3 are good examples of this.

I'm sure the media will correct their mistakes this year, probably starting with KZ2. Which, while being hailed as the pinnacle of shooters, will be nit-picked over no co-op and not being "innovative" enough.

Grooski3488d ago

One of those polarising games - personally i loved it. The sheer amount of time you could take going to find all the side quests etc was brilliant.

The only prob was the level cap, but thats raised in future DLC.

MegaMohsi3488d ago (Edited 3488d ago )

had it been at 30-40 to begin with, 20 is just too soon, I think you get there way before the game ends. I'm already at level 16 and I still got a ways to go.

Pennywise3488d ago

Chris, I agree. The amount of times this game froze on me is unacceptable.

It was fun to have a game where you collect items, interact with NPC's and level up... but the game could of used a lot more polish.

More enemy variety would of been nice too. It seems like devs take content that should of been in the game at release time, hold it back and release it at a premium as DLC. Its very disturbing.

Blitzed3488d ago

"Have we had any DLC from any game yet that has been worth it?"

Warhawk- Jetpacks (Tau Crater)

PotNoodle3488d ago

I'd say, most recently - the Metal Gear LBP pack, the Metal Gear online Meme pack and maybe the fable 2 expansion, i just wish that it spawned more side quests.

Chris3993488d ago (Edited 3488d ago )

Amongst gamers.

The majority of the press lavished praise upon a game that was a technical mess. I understand that value/ enjoyment is subjective, but the second a game freezes on me, erases my save or has stuttering issues, my enjoyment is significantly reduced.

I fail to understand how so many technically faulted games - GTA, Fallout 3, Oblivion (Bethseda seem to be a repeat offender) - receive such high scores.

No offense to whoever actually had fun playing the game, more power to you. I guess I'm just more critical of how I spend my dollars.

Honestly with all the glitches, patches, online-issues and format/ fanboy wars this gen, I've had more fun playing my PS2 (BC), DS and PSP.

callahan093488d ago

@ Blitzed. I agree. Warhawk had some cool DLC that made an addictive game even better.

Tony P3488d ago

It's a poor score and sounds like Beth took out my favourite part of the game (the part where you can call it an RPG). If that's the case then I'll probably skip it.


I want to hear from someone who isn't in media. And it looks like everyone here is just riding the negative waves of the review without actually having played first. That's ok I guess; reviews exist for that reason. But I need to be convinced a bit more.

Not holding out a lot of hope since the last add-on I think Beth ever did right was waaaay back with Bloodmoon/Tribunal on Morrowind.

jib3488d ago (Edited 3488d ago )

@chris notice the games you mentioned are open world games? i think open world games just have a tendency to be buggier due to how large the game is(virtual/interactive world)

despite the bugs, i happen to enjoy fallout3 A LOT. maybe its because it only froze on me once(360 ver here).

as for this dlc, i don't think i'm getting it from what i've heard so far

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MegaMohsi3488d ago

So did MS just waste all that money for DLC for nothing?

gametheory3488d ago

Microsoft should have ponied up 100 million then.

Syko3488d ago

Wrong DLC....Whoops.

theEnemy3488d ago

The 50mil was for the GTA:IV DLC.

Microsoft only paid 40mil on this DLC and for screwing PS3 gamers.

Man_of_the_year3488d ago

That 50 Million was for GTA IV - please next time do a little research so you don't look so foolish

Pennywise3488d ago

So did they pay 40mil for this??

theEnemy3488d ago

I'm just joking about that 40mil penny. :)

But who knows ?

gametheory3487d ago

Take a joke, guys. I never put *sarcasm* at the end of anything so deal with it. Don't be so dense, develop some acumen or something. Learn from Pennywise, he got it fast.

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leila013488d ago (Edited 3488d ago )

I'd give it a 2/10 because you have to pay 10€ for it WTF?!
In my opinion DLCs should be free, just like the Burnout DLCs, it should be a way to reward the people that bought your game.

MegaMohsi3488d ago

Nothing is free with MS, MS and free are antonyms, go look it up in a thesaurus

Man_of_the_year3488d ago

Thats odd - i received a free controller when i sent in my first RROD from them (also the shipping and repair of the 360 was free) - i also received a free XBLA game 2 years ago when the servers went down...

Looks like MS and Free are not antonyms.

devilhunterx3488d ago

when you pay for a broken toy, you expect free compensation or be sued.


I didnt know MSN costs me money o.O

Man_of_the_year3487d ago

LOL i love that i got disagree's - even when its all true. I did receive a free contoller - it was either that or a free game (viva thanks) and there was a game that was given for free on XBLA (actuall there were 2 games so far that MS gave out free) and i have yet to pay a single dime for any of the 3 RROD consoles that i sent in for repaires.... so i guess you Sony Droids are just disagreeing because i made a point that countered something you didn't want to believe.

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air13488d ago (Edited 3488d ago )

please, these euro ppl are biased. i got the dlc and it's great.

some ppl are still sour about the dlc not being on the ps3..

at nineball,

it's fine dont believe me, just wait for the other REAL reviews..

what would you know anyway, you cant play

Nineball21123488d ago (Edited 3488d ago )


I bet that's the reason Eurogamer gave it the score it did. Because "they" weren't able to get it for their PS3s. /sarc

Edit: @ air1

You're right, I can't play it. But obviously Eurogamer can, and did, and scored it a 5/10. lol back at ya.

If it was available for my PS3, I'd still buy it, because I think it's a great game. This score wouldn't persuade me NOT to buy it.

I just find your "hypothesis" that they scored it low, because they are "jealous" the PS3 doesn't have it, is typical fanboy nonsense.

MegaMohsi3488d ago

Eurogamer is biased towards the 360, so for them to give an exclusive MS DLC a 5/10 really says something.

devilhunterx3488d ago

Eurogamer have a history of rating down PS3 games especially the exclusives.

Try again.

gambare3488d ago

cmon... eurogamer is one of the sites that loves the 360, they gave an 8 to MGS4 and halo a 10, they are almost on par with, if they gave the FO DLC a 5/10 then it must be really really something bad

s droid3488d ago (Edited 3488d ago )

becareful mate, you've got 10 disagrees, and four sony chimps have already felt your comment needed a reply. as your probably gonna lose a bubble for upsetting the sony sheep on here, i've given you a bubble...

although it wont offset the amount of negative feedback your gonna get from the cheesy-helmet brigade!

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