Arrogant Journo trolls Sony; Sony immaturely threatens troll

An Australian journalist writes an article, that in no uncertain words, trolls the company with an outdated and limited point. Sony's Aussie boss immaturely bites back and the journo gets arrogant.

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BGDad3489d ago

At this point Gaming media is no better than the soap scum on my shower door..

They provide nothing, absolutly nothing to the gaming community... A big middle finger to your and yours if you are parts of the plague known as the gaming community..

Now go write another non gaming article, bunch of non gaming writing wankers..

Oh and I hope with the recession we see a lot of these people go away.

lipper3489d ago

you sure that's soap-scum on the shower door ? - Thought you used up all the soap washing your mouth out !


I hope this idiot loses his job...

techie3489d ago (Edited 3489d ago )

Did you just agree with a post written by the gaming media and then criticise all the gaming media? Uhhh...hate to say that you're contradicting yourself there.

Rowland3489d ago

There's freedom of speech & opinion .... & then there's Hirai. If your president displays all the symptoms of a delusional amnesiac on banana-acid then what do you expect !

techie3489d ago

What's Hirai got to do with this?

DolphGB3489d ago

What the heck has Hirai got to do with this story?

Dark_Overlord3489d ago

is because if somehow Sony were found to be fixing the price point in Australia, then do you know how much sh1t they would be in? A court case followed by a massive fine and to an extreme the banning of all of their items being sold in Australia. Of course he is pissed, I would be to if some nobody was accusing my company of breaking the law, thats why like he said, he will be calling his lawyers

techie3489d ago (Edited 3489d ago )

"A PlayStation 3 now costs $399 in the U.S., not including tax. You can buy a PlayStation 3 in Australia for AU$650, including a goods and services tax of 10%. So lets remove the tax and make a proper comparison; you don't want Sony to pay your taxes do you? Without tax the PS3 costs AU$585, an equivalent of US$387. Yes, your eyes don't deceive you. It's cheaper in Australia. Let alone the fact that games are bundled in with the console in Australia, but rarely in the U.S."

"So, how about the UK? Minus the 17.5% tax included in the £299 console price (2.5% is given back at the till for the new 15% tax rate) you'll get £247, which is equivalent to US$346. Even cheaper. Yes, I know it's insane, but the U.S. is more expensive than both countries. Plus, over the holiday period you were able to get two games, a blu-ray and a remote for the £299 price in the UK."

Smarthouse are NOT Smart. They made an absolute c*ck up with this.

DolphGB3489d ago

A journo gets it wrong, doesn't check his facts out, can't add up and then Sony unfortunately wades in with a less-than-professional response.

Root cause of the problem? Bad journalism...

cmrbe3489d ago

is completely unprofessional and shouldn't have happened. The Journalist is to blame for not doing his research but the Sony rep still shouldn't response in this manner. Lawyers yes. The people should be made an example as the allegations were quite serious.

techie3489d ago

You think smarthouse should be sued? I think not.

cmrbe3488d ago

but give them a stern warning.

techie3488d ago

What by shouting at them saying you're angry? I think this is pretty good warning, embarrass them with figures to show they are wrong.