Microsoft vs. Sony: Vying to Overtake Nintendo

Nintendo, Microsoft, and Sony have come out of their corners swinging to take ownership of the next-generation console title. Each company focuses on their strengths, whether it's Nintendo Wii's ease of play, Microsoft Xbox 360's connected network, or Sony PlayStation 3's Blu-ray player. When looking across all countries and varying time periods, each has posted small victories that they hope are signs of eventual supremacy.

Nintendo, with more than 10 million units sold in 2008, is arguably in the industry's top spot. With Microsoft and Sony playing from behind, their strategies and tactics this year should be of interest to marketers.

Microsoft and Sony kicked off the year with some good old-fashioned name calling. Kaz Hirai, Sony Computer Entertainment president, said the Xbox 360 "lacks longevity," implying the PS3 is the turtle and the Xbox 360 is the hare in this race. Not to be outdone, Aaron Greenberg, director of product development for Microsoft's Xbox division, pointed to Sony as being "complacent" and "out of touch" with consumers by focusing on hardware specs.

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N4g_null3458d ago

The whole lack of longevity argument Kaz makes can be crushed by just supporting the xbox 360 even longer. The funny thing is the second and 3rd are just going to keep bickering and bring each other down for the entertainment of the fanboys it seems.

It's always pretty funny how some fans claim the PS3 is selling better than the xbox 360... No disrespect to the xbox brand but the 360 sucks game selection wise. The only games I though about buying for the system actual came out on the PC.

The market spin is becoming more important than understanding why all of these people want a Wii. To discount these players is silly. Did all of these players buy guitar hero and mario kart? I mean really the hardcore complain about mario kart why would a casual buy it? Then you have brawl also along with the expanded market games that the hardcore actually did buy, many did get wii fit LOL.

How about making some thing to expand your market? The hardcore have bought your system, at least the internet hardcore. When is SONY and MS going to address the players who want a full HD side scroll-er like vanillaware's deamon blade? I need a reason to separate HD gaming from PC gaming. That is my main problem and price is not an issue. Seriously I don't like wasting money yet I do love top of the line tech that lets me play the games I want to play. So far the HD release list is really sad console gaming wise but as a PC line up it's going to be ok, just ok... too much hype though.