From the graveyard: unseen Resident Evil games With the highly anticipated release of Resident Evil 5 looming on the horizon (along with the recent arrival of the demo on Xbox Live), we'll take a look at some of the major development decisions that helped make the Resident Evil franchise the mega blockbuster success that it is today. While it might seem odd to devote an edition of From the Graveyard to games that actually released and made it to market, the Resident Evil series has a curious history of overhauls, redesigns, and abandoned betas.

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jay23338d ago

RE 4 and 5 are a let down to the series, give us Nemisis and let us make our own bullets like we had in RE3 and get read of the AI team mate.

JayX6663338d ago

while i dont think they are a let down to the series i do wish they would bring back the zombies! :(