Resident Evil 5 Demo is a Little Disappointing

Andrew Weymes of The Nightly Gamer says: Resident Evil 5 has been on the minds of fans of the series since it's initial announcement. The demo has been on Xbox Live in Japan for a while now, but it just hit North America not too long ago. The demo certainly isn't bad, but when you have a series as established, and renown as Resident Evil, one can't help but be a little disappointed by the last gen feel of Resident Evil 5. Read the full article to see what makes the Resident Evil 5 demo a little disappointing.

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Droid Control3490d ago

I don't like the feel of the controls. I can't taim the gun and the camera gets in the way, blocking whats on the screen.
I find it more frustrating than scary...


MrWeymes3490d ago

What's great is that it's a multiplatform game, so nobody can be accused of fanboyism.

Overall, I'm still excited to play the full game, but the characters controlling like tanks is pretty annoying.

GrieverSoul3490d ago (Edited 3490d ago )

After Dead Space, CAPCOM should put more effort this game!
Im not asking for dismembering but some kind of wounded mark in the zombies would be aprreciated. I get this guy´s point.
The tank movement is a little bad but it gives the game a certain pace, wich, for me, is a plus.
The stay put aiming is just lame!

JsonHenry3490d ago (Edited 3490d ago )

I liked the demo. I don't understand why everyone loved Resident Evil 4, but is complaining about RE5 being too much like it in the controls department.

Personally, the game plays too much like an action game already. I don't want run and gun bullshit in a SURVIVAL HORROR game.

**edit** And from what I can tell - this game is the best looking game on consoles to date. And after playing the beta for Killzone two I think it looks even better than that. (and it is a multi-plat game to boot)

firelogic3490d ago

Is what you are if you thought for even a second that RE5 looks better than KZ2. Gameplay and genre aside, KZ2 is a technical marvel. You can hate the game of course but no one on this planet can argue against it being the most visually and technically impressive console game to date.

Pennywise3490d ago

jsnhry - You are the second 360 fan spouting RE5 is better looking than KZ2 today. You and Jenzo need your eyes checked. Denial is one thing, but there is really no comparison.

RE5 looks good. Dont get me wrong. But lying to N4G users about it being better than KZ is a little far fetched.

dragunrising3490d ago

I agree that the controls are not the best. The whole time I was playing I thought about how much better the controls are in Dead Space. I hope they add an aim and strafe option because its badly needed. With that said, I played with Type D controls and turned aiming to "very fast." That seemed to be the temporary fix. Overall, the game is gorgeous in HD and a lot of fun. Having a hot side kick also wasn't bad :-p

Deios3490d ago

I can deal with the running, I just don't like the aiming in this game.

na2ru13490d ago

if the 1st trailer i saw was in 07 (the one that caused racist outrage), then it must have been roughly in production the same amount of time as Killzone 2.

It's a shame the Japenese are so not into making their control schemes a bit more accessable. It's becoming too persistent, but I guess it generates that learning curve for you to overcome.

Pootie Tang3490d ago

I agree, it really lacked a "fun factor" for me,
I played through each level a few times and just no desire to try again

controls feel stiff, camera and aiming don't feel fluid. I found the lack of ammo annoying as well as not being able to keep the knife equipped but having to stand still and hold lb to swing it only while stationary
looked good tho, I'm sure it will sell quite good

u got owned3490d ago

The controls do feel a little stiff. The graphics are great and can be compared to MGS4 gameplay graphics but not to K2. Overall, i think the demo was ok.

callahan093490d ago

@ Json Henry, in response to this quote "I don't understand why everyone loved Resident Evil 4, but is complaining about RE5 being too much like it in the controls department."

Well, for me, it's because Resident Evil 4 came out YEARS AGO, before there was a Dead Space, or Gears of War, etc. Resident Evil 4 controls are out-dated now. Nobody minds going back to play Doom with it's complete lack of ability to look up or down, it was fine for that game in that time, and for people that liked it back then, the nostalgia factor makes it easy to get caught up in the period and enjoy it now, despite the fact that if an FPS came out today that didn't let you look up and down, people would feel that it's pretty limited and stuck in the past. It wouldn't work in today's games, and I don't think Resident Evil 4 controls work anymore either.

3490d ago
Danja3490d ago

I did manage to play the demo last night and I agree the control scheme feels rather outdated especially since the gameplay is more face paced this time around compared to RE:4..

Co-op play is really well done though , character models looks great , and the cut-scenes were really well done...

and to the person who said it looked better than KZ2 ...your lying out ur ass.....the atmosphere in the game is really dry there's no wind blowing up the dust direction is rather dull

Chris3993490d ago (Edited 3490d ago )

It had:

- massive, multistage bosses.
- 2 separate storylines (and you had to play BOTH to see the real ending)
- Solid controls.
- The strongest storyline of the bunch; before any new companies or super T-Virus crappolla.

I'd purchase an HD remake of RE: 2 in a heartbeat.

I feel like this franchise has been flogged beyond flogging. Lets get some new characters, some new systems and a COMPLETELY different story.

It's like when a soap-opera runs for decades. The plot-lines are entangled, over-blown and just plain ridiculous.

All that aside, I still have the bloody thing pre-ordered. I'll give it a fair shake before making up my final opinion, but the demo wasn't a good teaser.

Kleptic3490d ago

callahan...completely agree...

I was not really expecting much anyway; as I did not care for RE4 that much...don't get me wrong, it was a cool game and everything...but I couldn't get over wishing it was a totally new IP, and that they would have stylized the older RE games in a different way...yet kept them pretty similar...

I haven't had a chance yet to play dead space other than a 1 day rental just to try it...and it was great, from what little I played...but RE5 is a touch back to what people loved about RE4 I guess (while some obviously were hoping for more updated controls)...which I understand...

but for me it was more than the controls...yesterday in some impression thread I was saying how all the videos, to me, looked extremely boring...and the demo, which was what a lot of those videos where based on anyway, more or less confirmed it for me...

I don't know...this generation of gaming fans gets a negative finger pointed at them because we expect 'too much' or something...which I find retarded...people argue that 'well killzone 2 offers nothing more than great graphics'...which is complete there are major tweaks to competitive multiplayer that no other title has done...while it may be subtle on paper, in practice, its the kind of stuff I was expecting from this generation...RE5 doesn't do any of that...same stop/shoot mechanic, which forces enemies to basically circle around you with one attacking at a just felt dated to me...the graphics were above par...i'm not drawing any conclusions on if they are 'MGS4 gameplay' or not, as I have not seen all of the can definitely find some corners cut, especially in indoor sections, if you are looking hard enough...

but i'm not complaining about the visuals..they were great was the very dated feeling gameplay that hurts it for me...the game will sell well, and people will call it the best game ever made all over the place most likely...but those people probably loved RE4, and don't care that its basically a visual update to that 2005 game...

Helghast Slayer3490d ago

Damn all this negative talk about the controls along with the lack of wow factor in the game i really putting me off. More disappointing is the fact that it's coming from real gamers from both sides :(

RemmM3490d ago

I think the demo is fun, yeah I died a few times in the demo because it was my first time playing an RE4-style RE5 on a 360 controller. But there were some 360 owners that never heard of Resident Evil lol and they kept dying.... I was like wtf... but I beat the chainsaw maggot-head 3 times now :) Its actually fairly easy for me. I think the only ones that should be complaining about RE5 being hard are the 360 owners lol you think its hard? You should've played RE4..but I guess Halo 3 and Gears were on their mind too much.

boodybandit3490d ago

of same game last generation with new generation graphics (only).
The control scheme is unchanged from RE4. It is a huge disappointment (for me) that Capcom did not tweak the gameplay mechanics. This control scheme is just dated and cumbersome.

I might rent it but I will definitely not purchase it.

gaffyh3490d ago

As I said when I downloaded the demo a few weeks ago (you could burn on CD and play it on an unmodded 360), RE5 feels more like Gears of Resident Evil rather than Resident Evil. Everything seems to be more action/co-op based, instead of survival horror which the game is meant to be.

I'll still get it when it is released, but I don't expect it to satisfy my survival horror needs.

CommonSense3490d ago (Edited 3490d ago )

just because someone doesn't like a ps3 exclusive, and doesn't lick its ba11s like you do, doesn't make them a 360 fanboy. but your accusation makes it quite clear to which corporation you're a fanboy.

people like you, and the comments you make, make me almost regret preordering KZ2.

but, since you idiots never learn from your mistakes, keep over hyping this game too. i'm sure that unlike 100% of the other disappointments you've over hyped, this one will actually live up to the un-live-up-toable hype.

back to RE: They've never let us down before. We always get a pretty incredible experience from RE games. and we've known for a very long time it was going to share a lot of features with RE4. so this isn't news. and if you didn't like RE 4, don't con yourself into think you're going to like this. and if you loved RE4 like most ppl, then this is going to be a lot like that with a new setting, revamped graphics, and CO-OP!! what more could you ask for?

EDIT: @ RemmM: way to say a whole buncha nothing. You think that the 360 owners suck at RE cuz they like gears and halo. does that even make sense? i can't tell if you're trying to be insulting or what, but your comment made no sense. and in fact, the 360 controller shares more in common with the Nintendo Gamecube controller than the ps3 does. and i do realize that RE4 was on ps2 as well, but that was a port and i think a lot of the RE fans (like myself) got a gamecube just because they knew they were getting RE4 and RE remake and RE0.
I think the more likely scenario is that you are just making this up about ppl dying a lot. or you read where one or two ppl complained about difficulty.

and time for my opinion since everyone else gets to give their cookie cutter, heard it before opinion. I think that if you got the RE5 demo, you aren't a real RE fan. I would never play through the demo out of risk of spoiling some element of the story or by giving in to my anticipation just to see a few minutes of the game. It's meant to be enjoyed from beginning to end. If you never played a RE before and wanna see what it's like, then fine. but if you're a seasoned RE vet, playing this demo serves no purpose.

Alvadr3490d ago (Edited 3490d ago )

Im glad someone else had trouble with the controls.. Thought it was just me, movement and aiming was awkward. May just take a little getting used to after the playing fluid controls in Gears. Graphics are really sweet though.

EXCLUSIVEGAMER3490d ago (Edited 3490d ago )

lol, at jsonhenry. you have like 4 accounts with the name jason and youre a douche on every one of them

on topic:
the problem here is that the game is seriously missing that "next gen" feel we were all anticipating. Strange that it doesnt deliver, but i think had this come out a year earlier wed be cool with it.

im dissapointed. i expected more than a re4.5

xwabbit3490d ago

I smell fan boy and jalousie..

gambare3490d ago

one of the things about the demo I found disappointing was the "scary" feeling, after playing Dead Space and the experience of the previous RE, this RE lose all the Survival horror feeling, the new IP that could exploit that Horror feeling is Dead Space.

Martini3490d ago (Edited 3490d ago )

It's sad that this game will likely tank because of the controls - I played it and I hated it. Wise thing to do would be a delay and re-do of the controls.

On another note if you want scary then play the FEAR 2 demo at night with lights out and surround sound cranked way up :)

NewZealander3490d ago

i loved the demo, sure it may not be perfect but i didnt notice alot of the things that other people are saying they didnt like.

its simple, if you are like me and loved the demo then buy it, if you didnt then leave it.

Shepherd 2143490d ago

RE5 does look better than Killzone 2. The PS3 fanboys are holding on to Killzone 2's "Best looking console game" thing so dearly that they wont let anyone tell them the truth. Killzone 2 looks awesome but not as awesome as everyone is saying it is.

There is a world outside of N4G Sony fans. Here, everyones got each others back if anything bad is said about PS3. Hide here and gang up on the 20% of non-ps3 owners all you want. Outside, its a much different story. Sorry to spill the beans.

Bathyj3490d ago

Well theres a shock, a bunch of Boxhead latching on to a different game to try and topple Killzones graphics. Pathetic. Just like Pure is better than Motorstorm right, Banjo better than LBP. They even tried to say Splinter Cell was better than MGS even though no one had seen it playing and that scurried off with its tail between its legs as soon as MGS came out. KZ is the best looking game, just get over it.

On the controls topic, can I just say I thought RE4's controls sucked, even when it was released. No strafe just killed that game for me. Walking in front of a door. Stopping, turning, and only then seeing what eating your shoulder is a ridiculous control scheme. God, put a side step in, its not so hard, give me control of the camera. If you need to get your scares through obscuring our vision with clunky controls, then game is flawed anyway. Why not just have cats jump out everywhere.

Some told me RE5 had strafe (an then called me an idiot for the inquiry) but it sounds like it doesn't. If it doesn't, I'm not touching it.
Can someone verify this for me, otherwaise I'll wait and check the demo.

TheCagyDies3490d ago

Resident Evil 5 has strafing...

Bathyj3490d ago

Thank you. Bubble to you my friend.

Diugu3490d ago

The controls were pretty bad but the worst was the camera.. I think they should've spent some time playing Gears, MGS4 and Dead Space and use their influence on developing the control scheme and positioning the camera.

The graphics are pretty, I liked them a lot... I think they are up there between Gears 1 and Gears 2 but with a better art style (for my taste). I wont compare it with MGS4 because I absolutelly love that game and the art style killed everything (Again, taste) dont know about it technically... neither will I compare it with KZ2 since I havent played it, but the videos are mind blowing.

Overall.. I will see if I can try it for a little more (the full game) to see if it changes my mind and makes me buy it. I dont think so tho.

jammy_703490d ago

y aint the demo on the psn????

Mini Mario3489d ago

"I can't taim the gun"

Yeh too bad the ps3 doesnt have the wii remote. Its super easy to aim with.

bomboclaat_gamer3489d ago

nintendo still has fanboys?
go back in ur hole!

prowiew3489d ago

Finally I got to play the demo yesterday. I like it. I like it a lot, especially playing coop with my friend. Cant wait to play the entire game.

jessepuffinelkinton3489d ago (Edited 3489d ago )

The Games from the RE Genre have always been. Run, Stop, Aim, Run, Reload, Find Herbs and or ammo. I loved the demo, its just like RE4 which i played through numerous times without hating it just the rush of things following me. There is a reason why this game was made for you to stop and aim, i'd like to see you put in this position of main character, would you be running through everyone with your gun pointed at everyone? have you witnessed how you fire a gun, no one at all runs and shoots, unless you have a complete death wish. The game is SURVIVAL HORROR, putting the real mechanics of fear into the player to limited unrealism like the zombies, but gives you the feel that you are there, running and stopping to gun down some zombies and saving your ammo, shooting the kneed caps and uppercutting them, running away to find a safe spot, but really it isnt safe. its what the game is. If you were expecting a unrealistic aiming and shooting system then go play your Gears or KZ2.

This game deserves better than all of your comments. This game is the only game of its type so dont compare it to anything else. RE has Class. take a moment and think about what your doing in this game and stop thinking your a guy wearing lbs and lbs of gear running at such a fast rate and using a gun with low recoil, with a dot in the center of the screen and tells you when your getting unaccurate.

I give resident evil more than a ten. Ive waited long for this game cause im tired of there not being that many horror games, Dead Space was fun, i liked it alot.

anyways dont rate the game if youve never played the old ones.


maybe if you take the time to know the controlls like the fast turn around (hold back on the left thumbstick and double tap A) then you'd do alot more with this.

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GCO Gamer3490d ago

yeah, i really felt as if they could of done more with the demo.

MrWeymes3490d ago (Edited 3490d ago )

I played a really long demo for Resident Evil 5 back in 2005. I think it was called Resident Evil 4, or something. lol

Edit: Ok, maybe the above is a little harsh, but you have to admit that the Resident Evil 5 demo felt like a pretty Resident Evil 4 in HD with some lady shooting along side you.

Mini Mario3489d ago (Edited 3489d ago )

"Edit: Ok, maybe the above is a little harsh, but you have to admit that the Resident Evil 5 demo felt like a pretty Resident Evil 4 in HD with some lady shooting along side you."

I dont know what u guys are complaing about, i mean u always seem to care about graphics over gameplay anyway. Same games, just updated graphics..right>>? That's what its all about with "HD" consoles. :-S

Nathan Drake3490d ago

I'm going to rent RE5,I just can't spend $60.00 on a game that controls like a Horse on Ice Skates.

Like I said in another post,the control+movement in RE4 was perfect for its time,it's just that very same control scheme is very very VERY outdated right now and makes absolutely no sense why they wouldn't change it in RE5.

Kleptic3490d ago

yep exactly...I found even RE4 to feel a little dated in 2005 control wise...but understood they were trying to keep it grounded in survival/horror slightly...rather than all out action...despite what people say...

Gears ruined it for me...Gears of War took the great idea of RE4 and ran with it perfectly...instead of holding a cool idea back, and trying to keep it scary, that did with the control scheme that probably should have been done since the beginning...they did make it an all out action game...and Dead Space shows that a near identical layout (minus cover) with slower pacing...can be perfect for a horror game...

rental for me too...if the co-op gives it a lot of replay value...i might eventually buy it...but with SFIV and killzone 2 coming out before hand...I won't have much time for something that I didn't find awesome right off the bat...

Blademask3490d ago

Horse on Iceskates?


Joke of the YEAR!!!!

im dying over here because I can picture the horse trying to stand up.

Jazz41083490d ago

I cant believe I am saying this but I agree with you Nathan. I thought the controls were extremely slugglish, and they just move to darn slow with everything you do. they could improve it alot by just makeing the controls faster, the movement faster. Just speed things up a little and it will do wonders.

Mini Mario3489d ago

"yep exactly...I found even RE4 to feel a little dated in 2005 control wise..."

The only thing i thought it needed was a strafe.

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TIKUP3490d ago

i really dont like this game
but i loved RE4 alot
the controls are sh!t on RE5!!!!!!!!!!!!

nextgengamer3490d ago

I played the demo and deleted in about 10 mins. Nothing special and no wow factor. Waiting for Killzone 2 and Street Fighter IV.

IcarusOne3490d ago

I thought all these things until I sat down with some friends and we passed the controllers around in co-op. What a difference. It's basically the reason I'll be buying the game. When sh*t hits the fan and you're scrambling, the clunky controls actually make it a bit more fun. Lots of laughs. Laughs so hard we were farting.

Great game when combined with beer and friends.