'Glacier2' Announced

Glacier2 is an arcade combat racing game. Make sure you are faster then your opponents or you can blow them to bits with an arsenal of weaponry. Make your way across the ice, survive incredible jumps, and eliminate your opponents.

Glacier2 offers an advanced effectsystem specially designed for Nintendo Wii to bring the arcade-action really alive! Various insane vehicles are yours to choose from, all with their own characteristics and weapons. Snipers, shotguns, machineguns, chainguns, everything is possible as long as it does heavy damage.

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gaznutta3404d ago

Mr developer Gimme online co-op and death matches and ill buy two copies!! The Wii needs a decent online arcade romp. Im thinking Twisted metal crossed with Motorstorm here.

Perhaps abilty to tweak vehicles and weapons, and a destruction mode ala destruction derby (bowl).

Sod real physics give us insane arcade like Sega's Dirt Dash and serious firepower!!!! and please leave the waggle alone.

The Wii is fianlly being recognised as the No.1 console. Nintendo have amassed the casuals, gained thier new market and is now focusing on us the Hardcore gamers. Very clever people it must be said. Watch the turnaround now as we see mature titles pour onto the Wii.