Fallout 3 - disappointing DLC?

Msxbox-world raises the issue about the cost of downloadable content for Fallout 3, and that gamers are paying a hefty price for a mere 2 hours of additional gameplay.

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Pennywise3222d ago

2 hours of gameplay?? What?

Vecta3222d ago

yeah iunno about that, Iv already spent 2 hours on it and have only completed half of it.

original seed3221d ago

Im 3 hours in and still have not half way through. I like to search for things.

Philip J Fry3221d ago

MSXBOX-World disappointing website.

Silellak3221d ago

You know, the sad thing is that even if it were only 2 hours for $10 (which it sounds like it isn't), that'd be about par for the course for modern games.

$10 * 6 = $60.
2 hours * 6 = 12 hours.

Sounds about right. How depressing.

dragunrising3221d ago

I'm waiting for all three sets of DLC before I splurge. Maybe there will be a value 3 pack? Glad the DLC is greater than 3 hours for a number of people. I know I will spend a substantial amount of time with the new content once I get it. I take a 50 hour game Oblivion/Fallout 3 and make it 100 to 150 hours easy...:-p

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vincentvegawchz3222d ago

Is this Serious... I was really upset to learn that this DLC wasnt coming to my PS3, but now, i am not really that sad about it, it actually has me laughing, because MS probably paid for this Exclusive*Maybe Times* rights to this DL Content, and it adds 2 hours of content?? Please, thats an Insult... I have about 65 hours poured into just one of my characters, and havnt even finished half way with the story on that... I was upset at first, but this dissapointment of DL Content is quick to ease the mind. Doesn't mean i wouldn't like to have it, im just not shelling out money for 2 extra hours of gameplay on an already Outstanding game.

rawd3222d ago

2 hours, are you kidding me

Nexy3222d ago

If the DLC were on PS3 as well you guys would all have totally different things to say.

Pennywise3222d ago

Yeah we would all jump for joy that we can pay $10 for 2 hours of game play. Not everything, everyone says on this site is part of some conspiracy console war going on.

Gamers spend money on games. There are A LOT of games to buy. We must be picky and criticize the games that are not worth it. Gamers come to N4G for news and opinions. You might not like mine and I dont like yours.

MGOelite3222d ago

if it was on ps3 it would be longer??? dumbass

marichuu3222d ago

I have it on the 360, and absolutely worship the game... When I saw that it was released, I just went "zomfg, gotta get home and DL it", but this piece of DLC sounds very disappointing. I'll end up getting it either way, but I'm not rushing it. I'm not buying it with the MS points I can get online... buying some cheaper points on first.

IdleLeeSiuLung3222d ago

lol @mgoelite

It is a disturbing direction for sure. Shorter DLC at the same price tag. Features taken out of games to be sold as DLC. Nobody is forcing me to buy it, but we used to get a lot more free content. Now, everything is a DLC. I partly blame MS for this!

Halochampian3222d ago

I highly doubt that Alaska was suppose to be in the original game.

SL1M DADDY3221d ago

Please, give it a rest. 10 bucks for 2 hours of game is simply pathetic no matter what console it's on. This is not a console issue, this is Bethesda turning their backs on gamers in search of some KY to give us the skin flute up the pooper. Sorry, but no deal.

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PS360WII3222d ago

They are talking about the price and no it's not 2 hours. Ah well either you like it or you don't and either you have it or you don't.

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