How to download Operation: Anchorage For PC

The Xbox 360 Version of Operation Anchorage has been released, but PC owners have been wondering why the DLC hasn't appeared in their "downloads" section is the games main menu. In fact you must download another application to have the ability to purchase and download the DLC. Hit the Jump for more info

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Superted20073400d ago

Seriously I dont care if its amazing games like GTA 4 on FO3 but just who the hell do microsoft think they are charging us PC owners for DLC? Maps, mods, patches and small expansions that do not also come on disc format aswell as downloadable versions should ALL BE FREE for PC owners. Who the hell decided that all of a sudden out of nowwhere that games for windows live was the law, that its either use it or no-online features and that we should pay for additional content. This is not PS3 or Xbox, this is PC, supposed home of freedom!

Rapture3333400d ago

I completely agree this is just ridiculous, the PC is the pedistool of gaming and Windows "LIVE" came out of nowhere. If we wanted Live we would have bought an xbox, or 3 xboxs depending on your comp. Certain kinds of DLC just can't be pay to play. Come on Microsoft don't do this to us, we're already trying to get your operating systems to work with our games!