Could Apple's touchscreen patent spell doom for the PSP2?

Pocket Gamer has been looking through Apple's multi-touch touchsceen patent, and investigates what it could mean for the PSP2, which is now rumored to boast a multi-touch screen of its own.

This could also spell bad news for Palm, with the imminent launch of the CES show stopper, the Pre. Tim Cook's cryptic threats might finally make sense...

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Fishy Fingers3406d ago (Edited 3406d ago )

Well Sony continue to deny both the PSP2 and a touch screen interface anyway. Also Apple own the rights to a very limited array of actions, "pinching and pulling", there are plenty of ways you can interact with a multi-touch surface without treading on either of those. Just look at MS touch PC, Samsungs new mobiles, Googles new mobile etc etc all using multi-touch technology and Apple hasn't said squat.

Hobgoblin3406d ago

I don't know - there's lots of touchscreen around, but not all that much multi-touch (not easy to say with false teeth). As you say, what they need to do is come up with user interactions that don't impinge on the patent, which won't be easy considering the consumers will now expect a standard set by Apple.
It's going to make things very touch for the competition if Apple start enforcing.

Bonsai12143406d ago

i believe the patent is for "2 or more inputs on a touch screen for use of control." so anything using more than 1 finger can be considered a violation.

whoelse3406d ago

I remember Sony filed a patent recently for their own touch-screen technology with multi-touch.

FarEastOrient3406d ago

So what happened to all the devices that were in production before the patent was even awarded. So does the Palm Pre, Verizon, Google phones, and Blackberries have to stop production because some clerk in the U.S. patent office wasn't paying attention to what is already being made?

I see more stupid lawsuits and prevention of more innovation about to take place.

Sony isn't stopping anyone from developing Blu-Ray, OLED, Flex-Oled techs to be taken in parallel to theirs.

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Foxgod3406d ago

Psp has sucky software support, if Apple can do it better, let them own Sony on the mobile market.

Then we have MS for our home console fix, and Apple and nintendo for our mobile fix.

Hobgoblin3406d ago

Yeah - you have to wonder if the PSP2 rumors are true, considering the utter lack of support the current console's getting from Sony. Maybe its efforts are going into the sequel?

heyheyhey3406d ago

meh, speak for yourself... people who complain about PSP's software aren't looking hard enough... there's plenty of good games... couple that with fine media capabilities and extensive homebrew solutions.. and you've got yourself a fine machine... just like it's big brother :)

TOO PAWNED3406d ago

Why only PSP2? Why not DS2? LOL
People hate so much Sony and want them to fail, so they go so far in future to call product that isn't out yet to be fail.

poopsack3406d ago

so they go so far in future to call product that isn't announced yet.


Hobgoblin3406d ago

Well, that's a really good point. It could yet mean limited functionality for any possible DS2, as well.
And it doesn't really suggest the PSP2 will fail - it just means it'll have to work around iPhone's patent ownership, which won't be easy to do.

Marcus Fenix3406d ago

I wish if I had a time machine just like this guy.

voice_of_ reason3406d ago

Honestly I would prefer a beautiful OLED screen in favor of touch screen. Or even more wishfully, a flexible OLED psp2! Too bad OLED technology is largely in the R&D cycle and is still a ways off from commercial mass production...

FantasyStar3406d ago

I find touch-pads to be a gimmick. However I like the tilt-controls on the iPhone. Hold it sideways and the browser adjusts accordingly.

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