Evil Avatar: Buccaneer: Pursuit of Infamy Review

Evil Avatar writes: "Arggh, grarr and so forth. Buccaneer: Pursuit of Infamy is, as you might expect, pirate related. Does this Steam title's hardcore veneer cover up enjoyable casual leanings?

Steam is a tricky beast with all things considered. Whilst it provides a platform for unique, independently developed titles it is perhaps too much of a "geek thing" for some of those titles to reach their target audience. This is the case with Buccaneer: Pursuit of Infamy, a pirate version of Elite that appears to be a far more serious and deep than it actually is. It's nature, casual to the bone, may even be unintentional but it is anything but regrettable."

The Good

* Very nice visuals and presentation feels suitably piratey.
* Buckets of missions which all take around 10 minutes each. Perfect for that quick fix.
* Ship on ship combat is a tense mix of maneuvers and blasting.

The Bad

* Missions do fall into distinct categories.
* Hitting specific land-based targets is too frustrating.
* Great fun online!

The Ugly

* The voice actor drops his pirate accent from time to time. Call it comic relief!

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