Are Solid State Drives taking over traditional Hard Disk Drives?

enRAGED Tech writes:

"In 2007 we saw the first consumer level SSD's hit the shelves in Laptops. The initial claims said they would bring forward blistering speeds and, it's only apparent down fall was the price tag and storage capacity. Fast-forward to today; we now have commercial Drives selling around the 320gig mark, with some manufacturers already bringing out massive 1TB drives..."

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davey jewson3311d ago

when SSD's finaly become cheaper and come in higher capacities, it will change the industry for gamers to the average bussiness man

Acj23233311d ago

Yeah it will, i don't think it will be too long before they do

Kakkoii3310d ago

Yeah, Once we start getting down to really small fabrication processes, SSD's will be amazing. The smaller the fab, the more room for memory. Within 2 years we will have 1TB SSD's out, and the size will keep multiplying every 2-4 years.

Acj23233310d ago

Yeah it will be great pushing the tech industry that bit more into the future, the speeds are amazing with these things, especially with raid 0, 4 of these 600 MB/s +