Age of Conan to defend Xbox 360 from PS3 MMO-fest


"Everyone has been talking about the MMOs coming to the PS3 in 2009. However, the MMOs coming to the Xbox 360 have been getting zero hype. There definitely are a couple games slated to hit the system in 2009. One of them is Age of Conan: Hyborian Adventures. Despite the rumors of its demise this game is still in development.

Sony has been hyping the company's MMO lineup recently with 2009 in full swing. Some of the titles that have been shown are: The Agency, DC Universe and Free Realms. Personally I am fairly excited about DC Universe because the game is directed by the famed DC Comics artist, Jim Lee."

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Bazookajoe_833405d ago

If not ill might pick it up :-)

creeping judas3405d ago

the only one that can be guaranteed to be free is "free realms", all the other's could very well be P2P. Which is OK, if it's a good game. I pay $14.99/mnth to play Lord of the Rings Online.


It should be free AArrgghh...

Capt CHAOS3405d ago

That's why I don't do MMOs.

akiraburn3405d ago

Age of Conan has basically the same $15/month fee as many other MMOs.

As well as Creeping_Judas's mention of Free Realms which will be on PC/PS3, the developers of The Agency made mention a while back that it was going to be free with premium content available if you wanted to pay, though it wouldn't be required. Though that's also a PS3/PC only. As a heads up, Age of Conan right now is not doing too well with subscribers. Currently WoW, Lotr:Online, Guild Wars, and Warhammer are the four main dominating forces.

While AoC had a lot of potential, the devs have made some critical errors, and the drop off rate of players has been massive and drastic. Just looking at the attach rate shows a continuous decrease in player-base month over month. And recently they have had to do server consolidations, moving characters into less and less servers. Meanwhile MMOs like WoW continue to expand their servers.

Right now Conan will survive and the server consolidation will help a lot with costs, but if they want to continue, they need to make some drastic changes. Perhaps in future updates they can put in more desired features and fix some of the problems they have had. But seeing how Tabula Rasa went down and they were in a lot of similar situations, I wouldn't be surprised if this slowly went down that same path as well. It sucks, but it's tough right now with the economy, and so people in general are more choosy with the MMOs.

So for the time, PC is your obvious best choice for MMOs, but if you really want to play on consoles, following up soon will be the PS3. Especially keeping in mind the multi-title deal that Sony signed with NCsoft that we still haven't heard more about. And personally, I'd rather take DC Universe over Champions any day of the week. Check out the episode of Qore where they show off gameplay. Pretty zazzy stuff.

Bazookajoe_833405d ago

Im allready paying my internet provider and for live. MS need to stepup and bring it without the monthly fee´s for those who pay for live.

Ghoul3405d ago

Conan was one of my biggest disapoitment of 08 probably the biggest.
Its unbalanced as nearly NO endgame (even after lvl 20 its boring as hell)

Im anxious to see how they change the game to suit the controller settings, but thats about it the rest is crap. sadly

InMyOpinion3405d ago

I hope the 360 version doesn't have any monthly fees. The Live fee should cover that.

JsonHenry3405d ago

I'd be happy with MapleStory on a console. Anything other than that is too hardcore for me. I have yet to play a MMO with depth that I actually liked.

LoVeRSaMa3405d ago

Yet the guy is Hyping DC Universe himself :P

AOC was meant to be good, it was over hyped I heard, its not doing to well in the MMO World, maybe the Xbox 360 can save AOC tbh.

FarEastOrient3405d ago

You will still pay a monthly fee and this is after paying Xbox Live Gold, the precursor example is Final Fantasy XI for the X360. For one thing the game Age of Conan is currently merging servers because of a decrease in player populations.

Will the Xbox 360 change this, probably not much, especially since the game doesn't have the end-game legs like Lord of the Rings or World of Warcraft. Even Final Fantasy XI has more life the current state of The Age of Conan!

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Darkseider3405d ago

Seeing that AoC for PC is consolidating multiple servers and closing others due to massive drop off. Other new MMOs, particularly Lord of the Rings and Warhammer are beating the tar out of it. Then there is the 800 pound gorilla of MMOs aka WoW which continues to trudge on and steamrolling other fantasy based MMOs.

rebirthofcaos3405d ago

but this mmo was shut down a lot of server becase people didnt play it or im mistaken?

Johnny Rotten3405d ago

whatever happened to Huxley?

creeping judas3405d ago

Huxley is kinda of like Alan Wake and GT5 put together, no one knows when they are coming out??


I miss the rumors when WoW were supposed to come to my 360 :P

blackpanther253405d ago (Edited 3405d ago )

it failed. It was the main reason why i bought a 360 (beside halo3). The gameplay is totally different from what they promised. The controls are horrible and the bots move so fast that you can't even see them. Huxley has been in beta for like over a year now in korea. I had to make a fake korean ssn and address to get into the beta (im not korean) over a year ago.

I haven't played it in a while so lets hope they fixed alot of the problems. Trust they almost have to do a re haul with all the problems i have seen.

dragunrising3405d ago

Not sure I am interested in any MMO if there will be monthly charges. Give me something worth being an Xbox Live Gold membership, thanks. Age of Conan could be an exception depending on if the developers make the game interesting beyond level 20. As for other 360 MMO's the only other one I'm more than a little interested in is All Points Bulletin.

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