Sony denies touchscreen PSP 2 rumours

Categorically denies that PlayStation Portable 2 is in development...

PSP 2 on the way? Not according to Sony Computer Entertainment...

Sony has flatly denied that a PSP mark 2 is in the works, despite usually-credible news source IGN claiming otherwise this week.

Speaking to TechRadar earlier today, a SCEE rep told us in no uncertain terms that there were definitely no current plans for a PSP 2, despite IGN's claims from its unnamed sources.

"IGN has learned from several credible sources that the PSP 2 is indeed on the horizon, and will be packing multi-touch technology," reads the initial report that kicked off the latest rumours.

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Calcio3461d ago

Loving the PSP2 mock up attached to a denial :)

I think the denial is fair enough but you have to bear in mind that their psp sales would drop like a stone if they DID confirm that a successor was in production.

Touchscreen PSP would be cool though.

shazam3461d ago

well of course they wouldn't tell us about it so soon because then people would stop buying psps.

zoydwheeler3461d ago

If I was forced to hazard a guess - I would say that Sony will release a PSP 4000 'refresh' later this year (with minor improvements to current model) and a new PSP 'mark 2' sometime in 2010 or 2011.

I have been given this info on good authority from un-named sources AT THE HIGHEST LEVELS OF TEH INDUSTREY (ie some drunken hack said it at a party once...)

Horny Melon3461d ago (Edited 3461d ago )

for a portable gaming platform. Your fingers and motions limit your viewable area. What would be a good feature though is including a qwerty keyboard under the screen of the psp2 and using the touch pad feature from the ps3 keypad.

kharma453461d ago

I also don't want to see a touchscreen on the next PSP. Never in all my time using my PSP over the last 3 years or so have I ever wanted a touchscreen on it, dual analog sticks yes, touchscreen, no.

The DS is a touchscreen and that's great, I quite like my DS and it's quirky games, but if I want something more serious handheld wise, I turn to the PSP.

It feels a more mature gaming platform, and I feel a touchscreen would dilute this, as devs would come along and try to emulate the DS, and we'd end up with a load of crappy games.

PSP2, what it could/should be like.

Bigger screen (due to a redesign)
Dual analog sticks
Mini-cell processor..?
More PS3 compatability
More quality first party games

There are various things you could suggest, but a touchscreen is not one of them.

chrisnick3461d ago

SIXAXIS!!!.........that would be so crazy......sixaxis on my psp? ahhhhhhhhhhhhhh!!! we just have to make sure that we don't play it in the street and we'll be fine. don't forget, u heard it from chrisnick first.

Cajun Chicken3461d ago

I don't want touchscreen on the next PSP, sorry, make another brilliant technical marvel of a shrunken down console for two hands, don't dumb down because of the market, Sony. Do your own thing.

AKA; L2 and R2 on the sides of shoulder buttons and another anologue nub, but feel free to put in Sixaxis-like features and possible vibration if you feel it fit.

Maywell3461d ago

I bet IGN is doing some hard and nice effort to encourage Sony to make PSP2 using the gamers opinion influences...

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