Sony Is Working Harder Than Microsoft and Nintendo

"We all know who is winning the console war, but who is putting more effort into their gaming division? We break down the basics in each company's work efforts, and showed what each company has to deal with in the gaming industry."

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thebudgetgamer3403d ago

(finds flak jacket) duck and hide people.


Why dis3403d ago

Must be the point.

Some sort of twisted revenge?

kind like a kid lying about what his father does and making fun of others dads to feel better?

Pandemic3403d ago (Edited 3403d ago )

2008 was the year for Nintendo.
2007 was the year for Microsoft.
2009 will be the year for Sony.

XxZxX3403d ago

I think Nintendo and Sony did equally good jobs.
Nintendo successfully penetrated casual market and was a huge success with their DS and WII.
Sony successfully setting Blu-Ray as HD media standard with the help of PS3 which will bring them money not only on Games but in Movies as well.

Microsoft is just doing awful job. XBOX resell to them same old market and fail to impress anybody outside US, despite the money they put in, it's a big sinkhole. Vista doesn't do well. Zune can't beat IPod, Silverlight can't touch Adobe Flash, can't match google. PLUS The anti-trust in EU(those who said just a browser eh, tell that to Netscape), Microsoft is going to have a horrible time ahead.

name3403d ago

2007 was the year for microsoft. Why would 2008 be the year for microsoft? They were being outsold by sony every single month until november. If that's all it takes to win, then you could consider 2007 the PS3's year.

Bathyj3403d ago

08 the year of Microsoft?

Not as far as good games are concerned.

Pandemic3403d ago (Edited 3403d ago )

Oh fine, 2007 was the year for Nintendo and Microsoft....

Okay, what about, 2007 for Microsoft, 2008 for Nintendo, 2009 for Sony

Nick2120043403d ago

I definitely agree on 2007 being Microsofts year and 2009 being Sony's but I would have to disagree on 2008 being Nintendo's year.

Cupid_Viper_33403d ago

I don't think that MS forced Sony to come out with the ps3 like a lot of people speculated, because with the ps2 alone, even now, the ps2's install base surpasses that of the GameCube, the Wii, the Xbox, the 360 and the ps3 combined. so in truth, Sony could've waited a little longer in order to introduce the ps3 at a lower price point.

but I think HD DVD is what ultimately pushed sony to come out with the ps3. because the playstation brand's success is a simple formula; newest media storage, (cd, DVD, blu ray), new franchises, and longuest support of consoles. so I think that sony saw the ps3 as paramount for the infiltration of blu ray and also for the ps3 to repeat the success of its predecessors.

I don't think that sony is truly worried about the Wii or the 360, because in Sony's mind, it doesn't matter how many units the Wii or the 360 sells, because for the previous generations, Sony's success wasn't based on the existing market, but rather in their ability to create and dominate an entire new market.

in other words, if in the ps2's gen, there were ã total of 250 million gamers, then this gen sony is banking on the further expansion of that number, and hoping to create between 50 to 100 million more gamers.

anyways, just my own analysis.

jtucker783403d ago (Edited 3403d ago )

Erm... 2008 for Nintendo?

2008 is the only year since I can remember that I haven't bought ANY Nintendo games. (Brawl I can appreciate, but it isn't my thing)

Mario Kart Wii - a shadow of it's former self. Does the fact that it has online make up for the fact that it plays worse than older mario karts? ... No.

de Blob, Wario Land shake it?
OK they don't look bad, but am I really going to buy a 6 hour long 2D platformer with very little replay value when I can buy Fallout 3 on special for less money?

Then there's Dead Space, MGS4, GTA4, Gears 2, L4D, Fable 2 and R2 to take up my time too?

2007 had some cool Wii games. Galaxy, Metroid 3, Paper Mario.

The way I see it is:

Every single year is the year for Nintendo. Note Nintendo not the Nintendo gamer.

For the gamer last year was a toss up between the 360 and the PS3. Both had more of my kind of titles than I could actually buy.

So 2008 was the year of 360 and PS3 gamers, but for the companies it was Nintendo's year.

I bet Nintendo were swigging down the champagne again this New Years.
How many Wii Owners are actually celebrating their choice of console?

Yes! We're winning the console war!! Now let's play all the great games available for our...
Er... Oh... :-(

NOTE: I speak purely for my personal preference in games. If you enjoy Brawl ... game on. I've not really been into fighting games since SF2 Turbo on the SNES.

mint royale3403d ago (Edited 3403d ago )


2009:Will be nintendo.

As for games well its all subjective. I'd say;

2009:Who knows yet there is so much unannounced.

EDIT:@above - Mario Kart wii the worst MK ever?! Blasphemy! I don't know where you got that from as it is generally regarded as the best ever.

Also I'm not regretting my choice of the wii. I have all consoles and unlike many on here it is not me that is missing out.

jtucker783403d ago (Edited 3403d ago )

mint royal - "Mario Kart wii the worst MK ever?! Blasphemy! I don't know where you got that from as it is generally regarded as the best ever."

By who? Not the critics. Not IGN (the most credible review site) It's the lowest scoring Mario Kart on metacritic. And I doubt it would be considered the best by anyone who played the original on SNES. Original and still the best I might add. (And it also had no blue shells!)

My personal favourite synopsis was from Edge Online (this sums up the game for me):

"Having sacrificed racing integrity in Double Dash to side with social silliness, Nintendo has turned 180 degrees into an awkward halfway house.

There are few gaming locations as lonely as first place in Mario Kart Wii. Pitched as a chance to spend a day at the races with your favourite Nintendo mascots, at the front of the pack you find you’ve left the gang behind, aside from the occasional blue shell flung by the cruel AI. Where the grand adventures that spawned the cast pride themselves on discovery, storming ahead here is rewarded with nothing more than eerie stretches of tarmac, made all the emptier by their bloating to accommodate the 12-kart starting grid.

Such bloat wasn’t always the way. Face the 16-track retro cup and memories flood back of surgically pressed SNES shoulder buttons to squeeze a win from tight bends. While zipping through a fattened Ghost Valley 2 or Mario Circuit reminds of hard-fought victories, those pixel-perfect racing lines are rendered obsolete. It’s felt more so in new courses. Luigi Circuit appears as wide as it is long and so generous are the labyrinthine walkways of Coconut Mall that one must plot racing lines within racing lines."

Kira833403d ago

when you break winning a race down to a game of chance, that spells a pretty big fail in the racing genre.

godofthunder103403d ago

I better put some slickers on because sh*t is getting high in in the hell can peoples say and i Quote.

08 the year of Microsoft?

Not as far as good games are concerned.

The fact is that about 95% of the games that comes out is on both system.When it comes to exclusives the ps3 had 2 major exclusives that came out and 1 failed to sell like sony hoped.Then the 360 had GOW 2,Fable 2,and a few others,in other words microsoft had more hits with their exclusives then sony did and that's a fact.To say the opposite is just ps3 fanboys being bias and talking sh*t that they know isn't even true.

Then we had this stupid remark.

Microsoft is just doing awful job. XBOX resell to them same old market and fail to impress anybody outside US, despite the money they put in, it's a big sinkhole. Vista doesn't do well. Zune can't beat IPod, Silverlight can't touch Adobe Flash, can't match google. PLUS The anti-trust in EU(those who said just a browser eh, tell that to Netscape), Microsoft is going to have a horrible time ahead.

If microsoft is doing so bad and sony is doing so good then why did microsoft make a profit this year and sony lost their a**es off.Sony lost more $ this yesr then any other year in the history of sony.But according to this person sony is doing better.Thank god this writer isn't running my company because he/she would bankrupt me faster then a person could blink their eyes.

The fact is that microsoft made a profit with the 360 and nintendo made a profit with the wii.I agree that microsoft lost money on the other things.Sony is the only 1 out of the 3 to lose money.The ps3 cost sony millions and millions of $ and that's a fact.They already had a report and they said if it wasn't for the ps2 selling like it is then Sony would have to discontinion the ps3 because of the money the ps3 is loseing.I'm also tired of hearing that the 360 is in trouble because they droped the price on the 360.Sony droped the price on the ps3 but i don't here them talking about that.If ps3 fanboys wouldn't be so bias they could see that Microsoft dropped the price on the 360 about the same as sony did on the ps3.The elite 360 is still the same price as the ones on launce day.The only difference is the hard drive is a little bigger.For every arcade version that is sold microsoft is still loseing less money on each sell then sony is on any of the versions of the ps3 that is sold.Sony tvs aells isn't what it use to be either.They still sell alot but other companies are nipping at their heels.people just have to go bach about 10 years and they could start seeing little by little how their tv sells been dropping off because of companies like visio.All people have to do is read and look up information.Instead they are so bias they lie their a**es off to make it look like the system they have is doing better then the other.

I still remember ps3 fanboys saying it was stupid to have different versions of the 360 when it first came out.When sony did the same thing with the ps3 the same people said it's a good thing because people have a choice of what system to buy.The same with rumble.When sony didn't put it in their controllers when it first came out they said they didn't like rumble and was glad it wasn't in the controller.When sony finally put it in the ps3 controllers the same ps3 fanboys said they were glad sony put it in becaused they missed it.Sony even lied about the reason they didn't put rumble in at first.Sony claimed that the controller didn't have enough room to put rumble and moition in it.The real reason was because sony along with microsoft was sued for useing rumble without permission.They both lost the case and had to pay millions to the company and so much to use it again.before microsoft came out with the 360 they already paid the fine and made an agreement with the company to use it.Sony on the other hand never paid the fine or try to make an agreement to use it again before the ps3 was releases so they couldn't use it.

ps3 fanboys are always saying that everyone coppies sony.They claim that sony is the only one that comes up with new ideals and the only one that comes out with their on exclusives like MGS so they don't have to steal them like microsoft does.The fact is that they are 100% wrong.Sony coppied

1-Use of a hard drive instead of a memory card-from microsoft
2-downloadable content for games to make them longer-from microsoft
3-downloading movies to watch off their game system-from microsoft
4-Achievement points but sony calls them trophies-from microsoft
5-Downloading whole games-from microsoft
6-making intenet play the major part of their system-from microsoft
7-the use of moition controllers in a video game system from -Nintendo

Some ps3 fanboys claim that Sony was planing on useing moition before nintendo was.If that is true then why was the first ps3 that sony showed and played for the people never had moition in it and when they gave the specs and what will be in the box they never mentioned moition.But when the wii was selling a lot because people liked the moition controller then sony changed their controllers to moition controllers.

Years ago when microsoft came out with the first xbox, microsoft said that they wanted to make it more then a video game system they wanted to make it a media center.Sony then said that people wanted a game system not a media center and it wont work.Well here we are years later and sony ps is now a media center instead of just a game system.I guess it's alright because it's sony.if microsoft would have done this we would still be hearing about how microsoft stole it from sony.

i'm also tired of hearing that sony is the only company to come up with their own ideal of a game like MGS and microsoft have to steal the exclusives away from sony because they can't come up with their own.The FACT is that MGS was a nintendo exclusive first,and sony stole it away from nintendo and some of sonys other bigt exclusives was on the nintendo first but sony stole it for the ps and that's a fact.

I'm not saying that Microsoft don't try and steal exclusives away from sony because they do but sony stole their biggest exclusives they have now away from nintendo years ago and that's a fact.ps3 fanboys also claim that microsoft can't come up with their own exclusives and that's not true either.

The fact is that this is how buisness works.i don't care if you are microsoft or sony they both do the same thing.They both try to steal exclusives away from their top competion at that time.Like i said before sony stole MGS and other exclusives away from nintendo years ago and that's a fact,sony also take good ideals from other company and use them to.

Like i said before microsoft and sony does the exact damd thing.Sony stole exclusives away from nintendo years ago.Sony also pays for exclusives.They did it the same way microsoft is doing now years ago against nintendo.Sony also buys exclusives now but not the same way as they did back then and like microsoft is now.

The fact is that everyone coppies off every one and that's a fact and that includes SONY to.Sony is a buisness it isn'y god.If sony would do buisness like a chritian like ps3 fanboys claim they do they wouldn't be in buisness now.

I'm also tired of hearing that the ps3 is future proof.The fact is that the ps3 wasn't able to handle crysis and it came out at the bigining of last year.So how can the ps3 be future proof when it isn't able to handle a 1 year old game.I know that the 360 isn't perfect but sony and the ps3 isn't either.Ps3 fanboys need to go back and look what exclusives sony stole from nintendo and what they did to them and they would be singing a different tune.I'm sorry,god could tell them that sony stole mgs and other exclusives away from nintendo and they would call him a lier even with the facts in his hands.

All 3 new system will be releases around 2012 or 13 and this includes the ps3.The wii won this gen,Unlike some ps3 fanboys claiming that nintendo is in worse shape with the wii then sony with the ps3(this is just a stupid remark).The wii will win this gen.The 360 and ps3 will fight it out for 2nd place and the winner wont have anything to brag about because it wont be by much.Ps3 and 360 fanboys might as well start telling the truth instead of lieing to make their system look better.The days of sony domination is over and no one will dominate again.

s droid3403d ago (Edited 3403d ago )

i've got an idea, create your own web-site, write articles defending sony, or attacking microsoft, post them on n4g, and you can guarantee hits!

and what's even better, because it's just a disguised blog, no one questions the validity, and everyboby just goes along with the ride.

Maddens Raiders3403d ago

wonder what you would say if the article was ((bashing)) Sony? Hmmm.

s droid3403d ago

what happened to your condoleezza rice account? i dont care who gets bashed, i just bash the fanboys! and reading the amount sony chimps defending them is just the typical response on this web-site.

The Lazy One3403d ago

I'd say

07: 360 (Bioshock, Mass Effect, Halo 3, PGR4, Forza 2, on top of great multi-plat lineup)
08: too close to call
09: too soon to call

That's entertainment value. For business Nintendo wins each year.

IdleLeeSiuLung3403d ago (Edited 3403d ago )

It's interresting how none of the delusional fanboys complain about the Wii. I see Wii as a direct threat to hardcore gamers, primarily because they introduced gimmicky mini-party games, rehashed sequels, crappy (or should I say non-existent) online service, low-end hardware for sake of profit and load of crapware that sells.

This is a model that both MS and Sony will follow the next generation unless they drag this one out seeing how Wii is selling so well on low-end hardware. The promise of DVD playback (in Japan at least) is not going to materialize it seems.

It seems the universal truth is most people are happy with Nintendo? As far as I'm concerned, Ninty is the one sitting back doing nothing.

Danja3403d ago

whats all this mumble jumble about who has had the better year....

thats not what the article is about and when it comes down to it..both Sony and Nintendo is doing a better job at trying to distinguish there consoles with exclusives while M$ is just going around and bribing for timed exclusives..that will eventually come over to the PS3.

3403d ago
Why dis3403d ago (Edited 3403d ago )


kunit22c3403d ago

2007: year of the gamer
2008: year of the gamer
2009: year of the gamer

isnt that what it really is?

likedamaster3403d ago (Edited 3403d ago )

2006 = year of Sony PS3? FAIL
2007 = year of Sony PS3? FAIL
2008 = year of Sony PS3? FAIL
2009 = year of Sony PS3? *looks at past 3 years*

duplissi3402d ago

1.9-"Yes! We're winning the console war!! Now let's play all the great games available for our...
Er... Oh... :-( "

lmao, yeah and that is sad.
i feel like nintendo lied to me, i bought a wii in march of 07 and i was happy because i thought i was getting a console that would have amazing groundbreaking games- yeah we all know how that turned out.
so i sold it best choice ever!

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Sharingan_no_Kakashi3403d ago

*puts on flame resistant suit*

Okay i'm ready =)

Why dis3403d ago (Edited 3403d ago )

Take it off ;)

No need for it.

Is this spam?

Nick2120043403d ago

If you guys would read the article instead of just assuming this you would understand my point. PLEASE READ ARTICLE BEFORE LEAVING A COMMENT.

Antan3403d ago

On this site? Are you kidding me? Headlines only didn`t you know? hehe.

GrieverSoul3403d ago

Also the title is misleading!
It should have been ´´Who is working harder?`` and not ´´Sony is doing better!``

Anyway, people will only read the title!

InMyOpinion3403d ago (Edited 3403d ago )

Being forced to rely on first party support isn't a good thing. History has proven that the consoles with the most third party support usually come out on top.

Nick2120043403d ago

Sony has just about as much 3rd party support as Microsoft. Microsoft has Gears of War which is a third party exclusive but then Sony has Metal Gear Solid 4. True you guys have Halo which is a third party exlcusive with maybe one or two more but it is about equal. Sony builds stuidios to produce brand new IPs which take time to develop and grow sales but once the name is out there, they will truly begin to benefit from it.

kewlkat0073403d ago

Even after a couple of nuclear bombs from Sony that past few Gens...but Nintendo survived, like C$ckroaches have, over the centuries.

Plus we all know what killed the Dreamcast.

PS3NforG3403d ago

So you are saying that you created a blog on a different gaming site... and then came to THIS gaming site and posted it as news? I think you should be banned. This site already has the option of creating blogs. You are trying to portray yourself and your "article" as something completely different.

I love Sony. I love my PS3. I used to love my PS2, but I wish that Sony would go ahead and let the PS2 go so it can fully support the PS3. You are absolutely right... Sony is concentrating on three different platforms. But only one of them is THRIVING: the PS2. Since I bought my PS3, I barely play my PS2 games. How about Sony stop working so hard on three different consoles and work hard on the one and only future-proof one?

And how about you stop posting your opinions as a factual based article.

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PS3MANJP3403d ago

Sure SCEI is great console design since PS1 PS2 PSP and PS3.

Sir Ken_Kutaragi3403d ago

Sony ARE Better Than Microsoft and Nintendo;)

Aquanox3403d ago

Working harder than Microsoft because they have 3 consoles on the market, probably.

Doing better than Microsoft or Nintendo in their gaming divisions, definitely not.

blackbeld3403d ago

Agree... PS3 have Alien technology that is far more powerful then Nintendo and 360... PS3 will win this console war easy...

360 man3403d ago

blackbeld your delusional

Uneducated Loser3403d ago

Working harder? yeah

playing catch-up is never easy. Sony is like the kids who study the night before an exam.

cryymoar3402d ago (Edited 3402d ago )

Sony is the kid who studied for the Advanced Nuclear Physics 1302 final exam and got an Intro Remedial Biology exam.

Sony did too much more than was required to win the hearts of the masses. Does that make them a failure? No, it makes the rest of the world who bashes and says they are doomed a failure.

Sony IS working the hardest and nobody is appreciating them for that. They are taking quite possibly the biggest hit per console in history and nobody is thanking them for that. But i bet if Microsoft did that, they would win the Nobel prize.

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Jazz41083403d ago

When you are in dead last place. I think you have to work harder just to surrvive.