Remedy: You will see something interesting when the time is right

VG247: Remedy Games got in touch this morning to tell videogaming247 that with regards to Alan Wake, we can expect to see something "interesting" but only "when the time is right."

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die_fiend3487d ago

This game better be awesome. It should be cos Remedy have only made great games, but I just hope it's worth the long wait.

SL1M DADDY3487d ago

By the time it hits store shelves, there will have already been games out that rival it's complexity and looks. Time is the bane of all great developement projects. If you take too long to release your project, then somebody beats you to the punchline.

Gantrfaxx3487d ago (Edited 3487d ago )

Cos i'm really starting to lose interest in this game. What looked amazing 2-3 years ago won't look amazing for much longer

jkhan3487d ago

its been soo damn long. I am not annoyed at the development time, I understand that, but the media blackout is the one thing I hate the most. I mean what harm will it be if they ping twice a year and say hey, heres a screenshot we have been working on, but nopes nothing. Again they are killing GDC09 hopes so E32009 i guess:(

die_fiend3487d ago

Yeah they have been very quiet for some time, but some company's are like that. Square have done a similar thing, they tend to focus on development first, then do some publicity. It's odd that compared to even Square this game is kept even quieter! But when it's getting ready, Microsoft will start the engine rolling so we'll see loads of stuff when the time is right

jkhan3487d ago

No they aren't like SE, SE hasn't been quite on FF-XIII front. There has been videos from time to time, although they have a different approach, they show it behind closed doors, so that people who are the potentials buyers don't see it.
As far as SE is concerned, the way they have produced titles so far and how they have behaved, they can keep there game to themselves, I don't want it.

militant073487d ago

looks like GDC or E3 2009

Fishy Fingers3487d ago (Edited 3487d ago )

I want to know about Dx11, will Alan Wake support/use it in anyway? Stuff like that.

fire233487d ago

Any Dx11 API would be the parts backwards compatible with 9/10.

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The story is too old to be commented.