Free Game: Portal + Paint = Win

Gamezine: Paint and Portal-style puzzles? What more could you want in a video game?

What if I told you it was free? Now you're interested! TAG: The Power of the Paint is a student game developed by students at DigiPen Institute of Technology. At the moment it's just a short game with great vision and incredible potential.

A first-person platformer, TAG gives players the ability to modify their environment with a paint gun.

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thor3340d ago

LBP already does this :D

techie3340d ago

Well kind of...but not really! Green makes you jump, red makes you speed run, and blue makes you stick to walls etc. Really cool puzzles - quite short game, but it's really clever!

Mr_Bun3340d ago

Mac owners get no love :(

techie3340d ago

Oh, that sucks :( You can watch the video though... :/ Send them a mail to support maccers.

uie4rhig3339d ago

i'd defo pay for it on PSN :)
and currently downloading :)

DjCheat3339d ago

Very, very similar to the Swedish game RGB.

Superted20073339d ago

Vista 32 / 64 bit compatible anyone ???

techie3339d ago

Nah, but it's Window's 7 compatible :)