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Improving Gran Turismo 5's Visuals

GTPlanet writes: "Yury Rybakov of the Belarus-based design studio dropped by our forums to help explain exactly why their model looked so much better than what we've seen in games so far. Mr. Rybakov conceeds the Koenigsegg wasn't processed in real-time like it would be in a game, but it also makes significantly better use of the polygons that it is composed of. He supports his argument by highlighting several imperfections in Gran Turismo 5 Prologue's vehicle models that have resulted in incorrect and misaligned surface reflections that most of us have probably missed."

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tee_bag2423584d ago

Man this is such a gorgeous looking game

lociefer3584d ago they seriously have a car fetish :D , lookin forward for driving my most wanted car for only 60 $ :D:D:D

JoySticksFTW3584d ago

There is no way GT's visuals can be improved.

They are already too gorgeous :)

Maddens Raiders3584d ago

the Mercedes-Benz of developers. Period.

CarnexSTicha3584d ago

You know that calling Polyphony Digital Mercedes-Benz of gaming is actually quite an insult.
Mercedes-Benz is not what they used to be. They are no longer on the cutting edge of technology and quality, and they were not for quite some time. Of technology, they are there or at least there about. But quality is nowhere near the best ones.

ThanatosDMC3583d ago

We raped a lot of their pics with our eyes and we missed blemishes?! NO WAY!!!

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kharma453584d ago

Same here, if it does, I'd imagine December '09 in time for the big Christmas rush.

More likely going to be Spring '10 though.

CryofSilence3583d ago

I hope the sequel to your avatar will be released (or at least announced) in 2009.

somekindofmike3584d ago

I'd love to see a comparison, that video next to an identical clip but of a real car. I bet people would struggle to tell the difference!

xc7x3584d ago

who knew? why so picky?

CrazyJ3584d ago

Seriously he's just nit picking now. Does he not realize real cars have imperfections too. Different body panels almost never line up exactly to give a perfect seamless reflection.

eddispider3584d ago

Who cares how good the cars look when the game tears that much, it wasnt even damage in the game. To make a game like this on ps3 you need to balance the power of the hardware, not just waste to much polygons+ effects on the cars, turismo has always been a mediocre title anyway, the first on was the best on ps1

somekindofmike3584d ago

Did I miss something or was that actually a pre-rendered sequence, and nothing to do with Gran Turismo, the only link being the artist pointed out imperfections in Gran Turismo?

oh and Gran Turismo mediocre! that's a unique opinion you have there!

mfwahwah3584d ago

No damage in the game is right. They're adding that into the actual game, not the prologue version.

And the first GT wasn't the best. The third one was.

I figure you haven't even played a GT game since 2. Probably switched to xbox at that time and just use all the negative reviews you can find to perpetuate this stupid fanboy dribble.

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The story is too old to be commented.