Grand Theft Auto to Wii? Is Nintendo changing its demographic?

ITwire writes:

GTA coming to Mario's domain? Nintendo management are pushing for the once PlayStation exclusive franchise.

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jtucker783457d ago

The Wii deserves a GTA.

I think it would sell well. Probably the most cost effective way to get a GTA on the Wii would be to port San Andreas.
Take Two already have all the character / car models, maps, game engine that the Wii is capable of running.
Port that then they could spend a little extra time using those extra couple of bytes that the Wii has to polish it.
Add waggle for hot wiring. Add motion for working out at the gym.

Reducing GTA4 to get it running on Wii might be a bit too time consuming. As they'll have to recreate the entire game from scratch - minus the physics, euphoria tech, AI, textures, high poly models, advanced lighting engine.
Flying a chopper over liberty city on the little white box would be too much to handle. Perhaps they could add plenty of heavy fogging like in that Hulk game.

Whatever happens Rockstar should release a Wii version of GTA as they would make money.
Just don't take devs off the HD GTA development!!
Outsource the Wii port to another internal division.

AAACE53457d ago

If the Wii got a GTA game, it would piss off a guy I know, who used to argue with me that the Wii was so great that it didn't have to sell itself short and put games like GTA on it.

I kept telling him that if Nintendo could, they would love to have a game like GTA on one of their systems, but he just kept going on and on about how all they need is Mario and Zelda... LOL!

So basically, it was me defending the Ps3 and 360, and him defending the Wii! Yet, as much as he defended the Wii... he wouldn't buy one. I even offered to sell him mine for cheap. Shows how much faith he really had in Nintendo.

ChickeyCantor3457d ago

" e Wii was so great that it didn't have to sell itself short and put games like GTA on it. "

But then again, its not Nintendo making the game.

Tempist3457d ago

They are releaseing a GTA on the DS, so Wii would be a logical step.

HOWEVER, since the wii has had it's pride on selling to seniors, moms and children, a GTA game is going to epic fail and tarnish the casual established user base of the Wii / Nintendo users.

Before a GTA Wii gets out, see how well Mad World is going to do, because I'm very certain that it's not going to be accepted by a majority of Wii users.

TheFreak3457d ago

GTA and MadWorld are completely different. GTA is a wellknown franchise. I think many people would buy a wii only to get to play another GTA. How good sales MadWorld will have on the wii will have little or nothing to say on how good GTA will do on the wii.

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TrevorPhillips3457d ago

GTA on wii not likely wont turn out good

paul-p19883456d ago

i dunno, i think it might do ok, i mean the DS one seems to have quite a bit of hype behind it, so the Wii version might get the same treatment.

What i think would be really funny is having the main character be your Mii... just looking like a right idiot with inanimate potatoes as hands trying to hotwire a car LOL!!

barakiu3457d ago

"by Mike Bantick on Mon Dec 18, 2006 8:50 pm"

GTA Wii will come out at sometime though.

gametheory3457d ago

Going from GTA4 to whatever Wii gets will not be a good experience

BrotherNick3457d ago


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