Fallout 3 "Operation Anchorage" Now on Xbox Live and PC

In one of the most anticipated pieces of downloadable content (DLC) ever created, Bethesda has released "Operation Anchorage" for Fallout 3 exclusively to the Xbox Live Marketplace (360 and PC); the multi-hour add-on comes at a bargain price of 800 MS points or $10. Stay tuned to later this week for a full "To Buy or Not Buy" review of the "Operation Anchorage" DLC, if you can't wait til then to find out if it's worth the price of admission go ahead and logon to Xbox Live right now, it's available for download.

Fallout 3: Operation Anchorage takes place in the post-apocalyptic setting of Alaska, which, in the game's lore prior to the nuclear armageddon, had been invaded and occupied by communist China. In a Gamespy interview with Jeff Gardiner, DLC producer for Bethsoft, it was revealed that the expansion should take between 4 and 6 hours to complete and will consist of a mostly linear story, however will allow for free exploration by players similar to the original campaign.

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hoplo3457d ago

omg omg omg, yes! new content for my game of '08.

UltimaEnder3457d ago

It was my game of 2008 as well, only gripe was unable to continue story after completion and not enough environment variance; both which are fixed with this DLC......amazing stuff Bethesda!

Valkyrie833457d ago

Took less than 10 minutes to download, go grab it now while it's not busy...

barom3457d ago

Ahh man, I want this. GTA IV DLC I can live without but this I want. Tell me if it's any good folks.

js_mac3457d ago

Man, look at the disagrees you guys are getting. This site is the pits.

JustinSaneV23456d ago


It's probably someone from the Sony Defense Force as the PS3 isn't receiving the DLC. They should really open up a new sister site called "News 4 Fanboys".

Alvadr3456d ago

Where do I download this? I go to the download section of the game launch screen.. All I see is videos ?!?!

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LeonSKennedy4Life3457d ago

To be honest with you, if somebody wants the DLC bad enough, they'll just buy it for the PC.

That's what I'm doing.

Don't be a deuchebag about it though. I'm not shoving Killzone 2 in your face.

tatotiburon3456d ago

..and you kids believes that any standard PC can run this game, lmao

Oh i have a PS3, i'm going to buy this game and play it on my dual core laptop with only 256mb of video and 1.5GB ram...yeah right good luck with that, try to play this game in the maximum settings

LeonSKennedy4Life3456d ago

Most computers/laptops can play it on at least medium, dude.

Mine's a dual-core, 2.5 GB's RAM, nVidia 8800 GT (overclocked), and XP 32-bit.

I'm running it on full.

That PC cost me a total of 700 dollars...

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Valkyrie833457d ago

YAY, it is finally here, going to download back later with impressions, thanks!!!!!

Valkyrie833457d ago

it does suck that its not coming to the PS3, really lame for the fans who only own it on that system.....everyone should get to experience this amazing DLC

gambare3456d ago

no prob, got it on PC for free

shawnsl653456d ago

it hit the torrents already? that was fast.

Bob Dole3457d ago

Bob Dole wants to play this.