To SEGA: Keep Your Mascot on a Leash...

Kombo Writes: "Unlike a lot of you, I didn't have a big problem when The Force was unleashed earlier this year, and it was something I actually had fun with. Leashes just seem to be snapping all over though, as Sega also unleashed its mascot on the world as well and unfortunately he went berserk and mauled several of his fans. But that's only half the story. I got the Wii version of Sonic Unleashed for Christmas. I had been on the fence about this game but had high hopes. I also heard that while opinions were mixed, the Wii version was the best one to play. My experience with the game has also been mixed, but not in a way that makes the whole package just mediocre to me. No, my emotions while playing this game vacillate from one extreme to the other, from unbelievable frustrated and angry to being delighted and enamored with the little blue hedgehog. Sonic Unleashed is like two completely different games, which would seem like a great value if one of the games wasn't so terrible."

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Vespertine3458d ago

"the Wii version was the best to play"

That's because the Wii version offers no challenge over the PS3/360 version.