Why the Hardcore and Casual Claims are Nothing More Than a Myth

Kombo Writes: "We have been hearing that this is casual, that that is hardcore and so on since all of the current generation of consoles were released. I never believed those claims. To be honest I didn't want to since I always fancied myself to be a hardcore gamer, but I wanted a Wii. In these current times, especially in 2008, "hardcore" and "Wii" don't go together in the same sentence. Two years since the launch of the Wii and the word casual is being used more often than the name of the console itself.

Here's my story and how I came to the conclusion that in fact there is no such thing as a hardcore/casual game/gamer."

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Nugundam00793433d ago

"I will never buy the Wii because it's too casual" I seriously get the urge to punch someone on the face. Don't let stubbornness, blind brand loyalty or the media distract you from what we all truly love: the games. You can play ANY game casually or in a hardcore way, believe it or not.

THANK YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Saxophoneman 20113432d ago

Ok this writer is dead on. I'm tired of people labling hard core and casual gamers and games. Rock On Dude, Rock ON.

Professor PGX3432d ago

you can be a Hardcore Tetris player. My mom's one.