Open Up For A Strong Dose Of PSN Stats

Sony released a few statistics on the PlayStation Network during CES, but today, they're releasing more. And these ones are a little more extensive, a little more handy.

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BleuStreeks3459d ago

Like so many have said the only way psn can go is up. I dont think that their much more to say but I am sure others will.

LoVeRSaMa3459d ago

I wonder why kotaku posted this, are they hoping the results will be low, or are they just getting ready to twist?

Foliage3459d ago

How many more times much Kotaku, or another fanboy driven site try to belittle the PSN by making the multiple account accusation? I'd be fine with it, if they didn't completely ignore the fact that the 360 has a much worse issue with inflated numbers. I know so many people (myself included) who create a new live account every month to get the free month given to new accounts. I no longer own a 360 and find no need to pay for a service I will only use once or twice a month. Especially not when it should have been free in the first place. If you are going to bad talk one service than at least paint an unbiased picture by using common sense.

Kotaku is the butt hole of the internet.

Chris3993459d ago

They are a blog. A successful one, sure. But still a blog. Only in the gaming industry can enthusiasts with little to no credibility or journalistic background achieve media success.

I really can't wrap my head about it.

I'm gonna go start a political blog now, so that I can attend the next U.N. summit.

See, the logic is flawed.

JustinSaneV23459d ago

@ Foliage:

I believe the title of "butthole of the internet" belongs to 4chan.

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sinncross3459d ago

I'd like to see PSP PSN numbers this time next year once some more PSN exclsuive PSP titles are released.

JHUX3459d ago

Don't really understand what this has to do with the 17million PSN users, but cool?

Handsome_Devil3459d ago

One of the best games I ever played, still play it to date :D

even though didn't manage to get a single trophy in it, but still LOVE THE GAME


Cajun Chicken3459d ago

Yeah, Pain Rocks. Can't wait to get Shatner.

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