[Update] Final Fantasy XIII appeared countdown


If you go to the Final Fantasy XIII site you'll also see a countdown. It varies a few seconds with the other, but we assume that both the same countdown.If you look closely at the last data link, you will see that there are just above the countdown "Trailer Open" state. It therefore appears that we may soon welcome a new trailer. We are curious!

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xXSilentXx3243d ago

Cant whait wate it while be! i hope a ingame Trailer, Please let it be!

trpride3243d ago

Hell yeah let it be an ingame Trailer!

chaosatom3243d ago

They are mocking us with a trailer?

xXSilentXx3243d ago

Everyone is thinking that it while be a ingame Trailer??

Israfel3242d ago

Square are greedy and no one should buy their works.

They only treat us westerners as crap.

2010 release can go to hell.

Square can rott in hell.

Xandet3242d ago

Amen brother. Massive bubbles for you.

God.. it's just so sad. Squeenix used to be my absolute favorite game dev, but greed and corruption knows no bounds apparantly. Lets just hope it doesn't affect the last glimmering sliver of hope: Tetsuya Nomura and his Kingdom Hearts team. I have a feeling vs.XIII is going to blow XIII out of the water anyway.

hay3242d ago

Whatever it'll be I have a feeling it'll underwhelm.

AAACE53242d ago

You guys act as if SE killed your mother raped your sister and did something unholy with your girlfriend! They are just a videogame company. All companies are greedy, especially in times like this when they could be the next one announcing that they have to close.

No matter how you feel about SE and their actions, it's important to remember one thing.... " A shared Final Fantasy game, is better than no FF game at all!"

leila013242d ago

I hope they stop with these colsed theater nonsense.

Xandet3242d ago

"A shared Final Fantasy game, is better than no FF game at all!"

Not when it forces us gamers who bought a PS3 mainly on the Final Fantasy track record to wait an an extra, unnecessary, goddamn year. Trust me, I own a 360 and have put countless hours into playing it. I would be perfectly fine if it was multi-plat with no consequences. But being as how it's obviously delaying the date in which the game would've been released everywhere outside Japan, and being as how Squeenix finds no guilt in blatantly lying to their loyal fanbase about it, yes, I find PS3 gamers' reason to b***h perfectly justified.

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DarkRaverNL3243d ago

I think it while be an Video of the launch date????

Skyreno3243d ago

i hope is gameplay and in the end video shows releaed date for usa ^^

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The story is too old to be commented.