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WhatIfGaming: GTA IV -PC Version Fully Working With PS3 Controller

WhatIfGaming made a cool video showing GTA IV can fully support the PS3 Controller on PC after using drivers and shows everyone how to do it in this video surprise -- includes any game controller for GTA IV. (Culture, Grand Theft Auto IV, PC, PS3, Tech, Xbox 360)

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thebudgetgamer  +   2288d ago
i hope they do the pc mods
like unreal tournament so we can put them on our ps3s that would be nice

Charmers  +   2288d ago
I have to say it is kinda comical coming from whatifgaming. This is the site that proudly proclaimed that GTA 4 was NOT COMING to the PC and PC gamers should "suck it up" so to speak.

So basically anything this sorry arse site has too report is probably a load of rubbish and not worthy of a mouse click.
JoyiusHammer  +   2288d ago
This works flawlessly
Tried it myself :). Works great. In fact way better than PS3 on PC ^_^
RandalCG  +   2285d ago
No offense to you m8, but you need to go back to English class in elementary. #1 its not a sorry arse site cause it's been on Penny arcade and god knows where how many times? And it gets a shtload of people goin to it, i know all my mates do.

Also they never said it wasn't coming to the PC, Rockstar was..so this just makes you look like a sorry arse kid.

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