Will Megan Fox replace Angelina Jolie as Lara Croft?

Some of the Web is abuzz with rumors that Megan Fox - who does looks eerily like Angelina Jolie in many ways - may replace Jolie has the new Lara Croft. Cast your vote and find out who's the favorite celeb for Lara Croft!

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DavidMacDougall3405d ago

Who cares about the movie i want the Blu-Ray extras where they fight it out in a bowl of jelly to see who gets the part!

Ace_Shooter3405d ago

or maybe some body oil??

on topic: Megan is hot, Jolie is hot. I say yeah...

Bob Dole3405d ago

Bob Dole will settle for nothing less than Foxy-Boxing... with lesbian sex at the end.

nycredude3404d ago

Lara Croft is soooo old news. Wake me up when Megan Fox decides to do a porno or something, dressed up as Lara Croft!

panasonic233405d ago

i want Angelina Jolie as tomb raider she fit the role perfect but i guess people want to see a young women play Lara Croft.

tilamiles3405d ago

gonna have to agree with that, megan is pretty damn gorgeous

CobraKai3404d ago

Jolie needs to eat something. She looked good in tomb raider but now she looks unhealthy.

srfto3405d ago

yea i would like angelina too but i think she want a oscar winning role now

ruibo3405d ago

Apparently, you didn't realized she bombed on the last tomb raider movie!

Bonsai12143405d ago

fixing cars.. you know... her thing :p

sak5003405d ago

Getting ready to kick some more robo @$$ in Transformers 2.

cmrbe3405d ago

Fox is very pretty indeed but after transformers i think she is one of the worst actress i have seen so far.

Serjikal_Strike3405d ago

shes got the face and body for it but she lacks in the acting department

Sarcasm3405d ago

Agreed, she's not that good of an "actress"

But all is forgiven when my two eyes lay on her two eyes.

mariusmal3404d ago

hello... we never cared for her acting skills :P

Ahmay3404d ago

She needs to show her tits if she wants to take jolie's spot!!!

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The story is too old to be commented.